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The first thing we want to discuss is bonus or promotional offers for the users of BTC casino accounts. Unlike many traditional sites, Stake doesn’t feature diverse BTC bonus opportunities. It doesn’t provide welcome offers for just entering your email address. There are no deposit multipliers or free spins, as well. This may seem too scarce but the owners decided to focus on other perks.

Mainly, promotions include giveaways, tournaments, and other events with large prize pools. Here are the most popular promos:

  • Stake This type allows earning by wagering. To enter the race, you should make the first bet — that’s it. A player with the biggest total amount of stakes wins. Races are available twice per day (Sunday to Friday) and once per day on Saturdays.
  • Often, runs promotions bound to specific events such as major sports championships, celebrations, culture-specific days, etc. There are also shared prize pools, giveaways, and other bonuses, e.g. cashback services or free coins.
  • The casino encourages community development, so you can get bonuses by participating in social activities. For instance, there are live challenges in a live chat, Telegram, Discord, and on the forum.
  • VIP Challenges. These unique competitions are open to VIP members only, at least from the Bronze segment. They are held each week and relate to different Bitcoin games and rules. Most often, these challenges are giveaways for eligible players.

The subsections below describe the mentioned bonus categories in more detail. As well, you can find more info at the official website.

Earn Bitcoin through Playing

stake racing bonus

Stake Races are attractive promotions because they require nothing from players. To participate, it’s enough to make bets. The leaderboard reflects the participants’ bets and total amounts. At the end of each race, the casino compares sums and grants prizes.

There are two types:

Simple race. These challenges are held from Sunday to Friday at 2:00 a.m. and 12:00 p.m. GMT. Each race lasts for 120 minutes and has a prize pool of $1,000;
Mega race. These games are available on Saturdays only. They start at 12:30 p.m. and last for 90 minutes. They have pools of $5,000.

Participate in Events to Get Rewards

stake events bonus

Event-based promotions relate to specific dates. Stake can start a Bitcoin game during a sports tournament, on holidays or memorable days. Sports events are especially popular, there’s a promo bound to the Australian Open. Here are the popular types:

Giveaways. They are similar to Stake Races. Players make bets and compete for the top places in the leaderboard.
Shared pools. Here, a prize pool is equally distributed among all eligible participants. The example is the CS: GO promo.
Cashback. In the case of the AO promo, it allows getting a certain amount of bets back if a player wins the first set(s) but loses the game.

Go Social – Join the Crypto Community

stake socila bonus

The social BTC bonus is part of a development strategy at The casino tries to build a strong community around the website. It encourages healthy competition based on different interaction channels. You can find more up-to-date info on the official website, in the Community section. For info about Telegram games, check out the related page or move to Stake’s Telegram channel directly.

Chat runs daily challenges, roll hunts, and trivia;
Discord allows getting free crypto coins each day;
Forum has a unique pay-per-post rewards system;
Telegram features live bet challenges after each race.

Casino VIPs Get Exclusive Promos

stake vip bonus

Like in many casinos, there are competitions available for certain players. It means that only VIPs can join them. Often, a player, who has at least a Bronze level, can take part. Still, some challenges require higher rankings. As for the types, VIP Bitcoin games follow the giveaway-style mechanics.

What’s so cool about these promos?

Obviously, they come with more lucrative prizes. For example, an active giveaway related to CS: GO has a prize pool of $700. In the roulette challenge for VIPs, players compete for a prize of $1,700. It’s clear that the BTC casino encourages customers to join their VIP system.

Any Fans of Sports Games?

stake sport bonus

Finally, you should remember that Stake has a separate section for sports bets. Of course, it also runs special promotions and has various bonuses.

Apart from traditional giveaways related to this form of betting, the casino offers exclusive options. Some of them are long-term while others expire quickly.

The example is a Fantasy Premier League challenge. It encourages users to participate in the official fantasy game and also get bonuses from Stake. To enter, gamblers should create a fantasy account and join the Stake league on the official site. The top 10 players in each round get prizes from the casino.



Stake Casino: Good and Bad

Moving further, let’s take a brief look at the strengths and weaknesses of this Bitcoin gambling venue. Keep in mind that there are no perfect platforms without flaws. But you should look for the most polished and suitable casinos because it’s only your choice and your wishes. To be honest, looks pretty user-friendly so you should give it a try. Advantages and drawbacks of the reviewed casino are as follows:

  • Cryptocurrencies supported. Since the site focuses on Bitcoin gambling, it supports 7 direct deposit cryptocurrencies and around 200 coins for exchange.
  • Highly active community. The casino reps have built a loyal and active audience by interacting with players in live chats, Discord, Telegram, and on the forum.
  • Provable fairness. All available Bitcoin games are provably fair. Any gambler can check the RNG results in a few simple steps.
  • Quick registration. Stake doesn’t even require entering an email address during the registration process. It means that you can start playing almost immediately.
  • Simple user-friendly website. The site looks minimalistic and attractive. The interface is clear and intuitive. There are no problems navigating through the main elements.
  • Various challenges. The casino runs different competitions and challenges, has regular giveaways and contests. It’s a nice way to earn some Bitcoin.
  • Lack of traditional bonuses. Although there are promotions, the fact that there are no basic bonuses is a bit disappointing. You won’t find welcome offers or free spins here.
  • No phone support. The site has an in-built customer support live chat and social media channels where players can contact the team. But the support center doesn’t have a phone number.
  • Plain visual/sound aspects. The site is minimalistic but some players need more than that. Sadly, all Bitcoin games feature pretty simple graphics and sounds.
  • Scarce selection of games. Gamblers can enjoy 14 provably fair titles, as well as the sports betting section. That’s it.



    Katie Wager (Isaacson)

    Cryptocurrency gambling becomes more and more popular over time. Why? Because users enjoy provably fair Bitcoin games, quick deposits/withdrawals, low fees, and various entertainment options. In this guide, I’m going to review one of the crypto casinos called or just Stake.

    It’s a traditional gambling site and not a blockchain casino. But it focuses on Bitcoin gambling, i.e. clients have to own some crypto to play here. Stake offers a range of nice games, including Dice, Keno, Plinko, Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and different Bitcoin slots. As well, it has a separate section for sports and eSports bets.

    All games are provably fair so you can easily check the fairness of results yourself. Among cryptocurrencies, the casino supports BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, XRP, DOGE, and TRX. More than 200 other coins are supported by the built-in exchange. Let’s start!


    Licences: This Service operates under the License No. 1668/JAZ issued to Curaçao eGaming, Authorized and Regulated by the Government of Curacao.
    Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, Flash
    Live Chat: YES
  • Chat Languages

    United States of America (USA)English
    KoreaSouth Korean


    General Email:
    Compliants (AML, FRAUD, GDPR) Customer Support Chat


Review of Cryptocurrency Gambling at

Now, it’s time to explore the very basics of such casinos. How does it work? How to get the coins? Why do gamblers prefer it? What are the most distinctive features? These questions may seem tough to answer but we’re here to help. The following three sections reflect the most important aspects of You can navigate through them first. And then, feel free to look at the official site.
So, here are three crucial reasons why players choose Stake!

Bitcoin Casino is Fair

Stake dedicates a lot of resources to maintain the provably fair gameplay. Put simply, provable fairness is a concept that refers to the players’ ability to check the game results and find out that they weren’t manipulated. It becomes possible thanks to two elements:

  1. Commitment scheme. A way in which players affect Bitcoin gambling results.
  2. Cryptographic hashing. A protocol that prevents casinos from manipulations.

To avoid long and tangled explanations, let’s just review a basic concept. Provably fair Bitcoin games are based on RNGs or Random Number Generators. Each round has a few variables: a server seed, a client seed, a nonce, and a cursor. By knowing hashed results and these variables, a player can validate them using calculators. They can find out the result of each round after finishing it. If this calculation matches the round result, everything’s transparent.

For more information, you can proceed to the official site and read about the implementation of provable fairness, conversions, and Bitcoin game events. Also, there’s a calculator and a tool for unhashing a server seed.

stake provably fair

If you refer to the dedicated page on the official site, you will learn that the casino uses a combination of the server and client seeds, and a so-called nonce to verify each and every game. Server Seed is usually encrypted and provided by the casino’s random generator, so you are unable to tamper with it.

On the other hand, Client Seed is generated by you and is unknown to the operator. A nonce is a randomly selected bet number. All these components are used to calculate the roll outcome. Once bets are played out, you can easily verify the fairness of the game comparing the seeds. Obviously, the use of these fair algorithms is a bait that many punters fall for. But there’s more to it.

Becoming a Casino User is Easy

The next distinctive feature of Stake relates to simple registration and Bitcoin gambling. As we’ve briefly mentioned, to become a user, you should only enter a name and a password. If you want, add an email address but it’s not obligatory. After registration, you will be redirected to the main screen where you can make deposits, play games, and participate in contests. Let’s also mention which information you can add:

  • Password;
  • Email;
  • 2FA;
  • Phone number;
  • Telegram;
  • WeChat;
  • Line;
  • Skype.

Talking about deposits and withdrawals, they’re super easy, too. It’s enough to choose the desired currency, copy the Bitcoin wallet’s address, and send coins to it. After processing, you will get the money to your casino account. It’s nice that also supports direct Bitcoin purchases through Bitlish and crypto exchanges through Coinswitch.

stake sign in

A Special Focus is on the Gaming Community

Finally, the third advantage of the casino is its attention to players. Unlike many Bitcoin casinos out there, Stake really cares about the audience. You already know that the team runs regular community-based promotions and challenges in live chats and on the forum. In addition, they always pay attention to user requests, pains, and desires. There are four ways to communicate with other players and with the casino reps:

  • In-game chats support live discussions where all gamblers can share their opinions. Sometimes, developers and team members enter them, too. There are local chats for different games and a general-purpose live chat.
  • The forum has several sections. These include Stake-related topics, customer support, general casinos/gambling discussions, crypto threads, sports, off-topic, and sections for different regions, e.g. Russia, Spain, Indonesia, etc.
  • Social media. has accounts with all the popular media networks: Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Bitcointalk, and Telegram. Feel free to interact with the team via these channels.
  • Live support. Of course, there’s a dedicated support center. It’s available 24/7 through an interactive live chat integrated into the website. The customer support section is also available on the forum where you can create new tickets or find the existing ones.

stake community

Overview of 10+ Bitcoin Casino Games

Well, we hope you understand the key benefits that you can get on the reviewed site. If you still aren’t sure about playing here, we have more useful info. This section is fully dedicated to Stake’s games, including traditional crypto titles and games that support sports bets. Be sure to take a look at the descriptions before trying these games in the casino. First and foremost, let’s review the titles (like baccarat) available in almost any casino. Don’t forget that they support only crypto/Bitcoin gambling if you play on

  • stake slots

    Slots support up to 20 paylines, wilds, BTC bonus rounds, automated betting, and live history. The house edge is 2.9%.

  • stake roulette

    Roulette comes in the form of traditional roulette with modifiable chip values from 1 to 1 trillion. It supports different bets, including automated ones. The house edge is 2.7%.

  • stake video poker

    Video Poker
    In each round, you get 5 cards and can change the whole hand or a few cards. The best combos grant the highest winnings, up to 800x.

  • stake diamond poker

    Diamond Poker
    Here, a player and a dealer get combinations of diamonds, not cards. One with a better hand wins. Automated bets are supported, too.

  • stake blackjack

    The game is really similar to a traditional blackjack where you should outplay the dealer. Hit, Stand, Split, Double, and Insurance features are available.

  • stake baccarat

    Again, the game is similar to regular baccarat. Gamblers bet on a player’s win, tie or a dealer’s win. Squeeze and auto-bet are available. The house edge is 1.1%.

  • stake dice

    Here, just choose a limit to roll over or under and make a bet. The system will generate the result then. Auto-bet works here, too. The house edge is 1%.

  • stake keno

    The game allows picking up to 10 tiles, choosing a risk level, and finding out which numbers will match. Automated picking and betting are supported.

  • In addition to classic gambling offers, Stake has a few titles that seem more exclusive. Look at them right here (automated bets are allowed everywhere except HiLo):
    stake limbo

    To play, choose a multiplier. If the system runs a number higher than that, you will get the generated result as a multiplier of your bet. If it’s lower, you lose.

  • stake hilo

    Here, choose if the next dealt card is higher or lower than the current one. The more correct guesses you have, the higher the payouts will be. The house edge is 1%.

  • stake mines

    It’s a minesweeper but without hints. You should choose the number of bombs and then open tiles. The Bitcoin game ends after opening a tile with a bomb.

  • stake plinko

    By modifying the number of rows and the level of risk, you can make the most suitable pyramid. Then make a bet and watch where a ball lands.

  • stake wheel

    This one is similar to Plinko. Here, you can also choose the risk level and the number of segments. Spin a wheel to reveal which sector you will get.

  • stake crash

    Here, the multiplier can increase by x times in a few seconds. Once it is triggered and starts growing, you can choose a cashout point to leave the game with the desired multiplier. You lose if the multiplier doesn’t reach this point.

  • stake traditional sports

    Betting on Sports: Traditional Sports
    The sports betting section of Stake is similar to any modern online bookie. It supports bets on hundreds of games, matches, and championships. From soccer to squash, from tennis to motorsport, players can access their most favorite categories. Bet types are pretty scarce. The most popular option is a bet on an outcome: “win 1”, “draw”, and “win 2”.

  • stake esports

    Additionally, the BTC casino supports betting on virtual sports. The eSports category includes Call of Duty, CS, Dota 2, LoL, and Rainbow Six. Gamblers can bet on the outcomes of matches between famous teams and players. Still, the selection of betting options is limited because the most common one is a bet on a winner only.



Casino Limits, Restrictions, and Warnings

We have a few more insights into for you. These insights will be helpful if you’re going to play in the casino because this information relates to the rules. In a nutshell, there are three essential aspects that any gambler should consider when registering at any Bitcoin gambling website. Particularly, we will talk about them in the context of Stake. Here are these three points:

  1. Sign-up requirements. The casino accepts players that have reached the legal age (most often, 18 years), are going to use the service for personal purposes only, and are residents/citizens of the allowed countries.
  2. Deposit/withdrawal limits. The official website doesn’t mention any deposit limits. However, there are minimum withdrawal limits: 0.002 BTC, 0.04 ETH, 0.1 LTC, 500 DOGE, 0.02 BCH, 50 XRP, and 500 TRX. Bitcoin games have bets limits, also.
  3. Gambling restrictions. Stake doesn’t accept residents/citizens from Australia, Czech Republic, Curacao, Iran, North Korea, the USA, and Syria. Foreigners who are in these countries are also prohibited to use the service.

stake terms

Can This Bitcoin Casino Be Trusted?

Finally, let’s address one of the most common concerns. Not only newcomers but also seasoned gamblers are often afraid that an online casino could steal their data or money. When it comes to crypto casinos, concerns become stronger. In this last section, we’re going to debunk some myths to help you enjoy Bitcoin gambling on

To keep things simple, let’s just analyze a few points. First and foremost, Stake is a fully licensed BTC casino with a certificate from Curacao eGaming. It is also verified by Crypto Gambling Foundation that proves its fairness. Finally, Stake supports responsible gambling and cooperates with BeGambleAware.

Moreover, the company has pretty strict KYC/AML policies. It doesn’t allow underage gambling or access from restricted countries. Also, has overall positive feedback from users. If you like crypto/Bitcoin gambling and want to try new Bitcoin games with unique promotions, get an account here.

Live Stream on

There are a few live streams on Stake crypto casino gaming. Watch on my YouTube channel. I overview this casino from A to Z: all the games, winning chances, some strategies. I provide different gameplays on Hi-Lom Wheels, Dice, Mines and other cryptocurrency games. As you can see the rules and strategies are not complecated so even newbie can easily figure it out. Good luck!