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Katie Wager
Hi guys, my name is Katie Isaacson, and I blog under the alias Katie Wager. I’m a blogger, writer and independent researcher, but only a few people know how I started and what I was before. Ascending of Katie Wager is what I would love to share with you. So, take a cup of tea, settle in and listen to my story. 😉
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I was born in Berlin, Germany. I was a quite wild child, and my parents always wondered how I lived through my eighteenth birthday with my limbs unbroken. But everything has changed since I entered the Psychology Department at the Free University of Berlin. Higher education brought me self-control, patience, and productiveness.

And these skills came into play since life circumstances made me run from pillar to post for a couple of years after I finished University. That was in Melbourne, Australia. I was a volunteer at charitable organizations and later was paid for helping others, which made me twice happy at that time. Australia brought me the first serious relationship and arachnophobia too.

Then I moved to the UK and started a serious writing career there. The writing was my passion since high school and studentship. The University helped me understood my temper better and channel my efforts energy to writing. In the beginning, I was pitching to magazines, websites, and digital marketing agencies. I discovered beauty and fashion trends, made guides on how to return your exes and other stuff.

Later, I switched to IT trends, cryptocurrencies, gambling and cybersecurity. Online gambling seemed especially interesting to me. After trying some casinos and different games I started researching this topic, reading about betting strategies, games and their features, bonuses and so on. I learned the psychological aspects of the games of chance and all the science behind them. Finally I put my knowledge into practice smoothly.

My friends who are involved into gambling world started to ask for my suggestions aka advisories and were more than satisfied with their results while playing. That was, however, way before I started my blog. Why did I decide to create my own website and share this knowledge with you?

I’ve noticed that there was a lack of really useful information (I mean that kind of info which based on personal experience) but tons of superstitions about casinos on the Internet. Besides that, my friends frequently asked me to launch an informative website about this stuff. And I thought, “Wait, it’s a great idea, Katie. Why not?”. That is how I came up with my blog.

So, now I cover two directions. The first one is the world of gambling. I review software suppliers, casinos, bonuses, slots, table games and so no. My publications explain the whole gaming process from finding a reputable betting site to cashing out the winnings. All reviews came up with my personal checking of the processes for maximizing the consistency.

Cryptos and blockchain technology in connection with gambling is the second direction. I deeply research the trading market, its trends and future perspectives. You can find a lot of interesting articles dedicated to this topic on my site. All in all, I have a lot to say about these industries and want to share my personal experience.