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Well, to make it clear for you I can share personal reviews of what is Duckdice actually, I’m gonna say that this is a single-game platform that allows users to play custom-made dice using cryptocurrency as a payment means. Obviously, in this review, you won’t find any titles by Microgaming, Playtech, or NetEnt because it is powered by proprietary software. Cool, yeah? Taking into account its niche nature, you may ask why does the platform attract you though? Is it worth trying at all?

First of all, it give a chance to earn free Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash by playing at faucets. Also, take you exclusive crypto bonus before depositing account with cryptos. Exchange your cryptocurrecny for any of your choice: ETH, DOGE, XMR, DASH, etc. This platform is pretty unique for the Bitcoin casinos category.

In search of crypto bonuses

This provably fair online venue comes with a good deal of rewards — both traditional like a deposit bonus and absolutely unique, something that you won’t find elsewhere. And whereas all these rewards are cryptocurrency-based, you cannot but agree that they are certainly worth checking.

icon_pDeposit reward

duckdice deposit bonus

There’s nothing new in this type of perk as it is a common way of encouraging players in cryptocurrency gambling casinos. This one increases your chances of winning. The unique thing is that you take a share in the campaign. Your share defines how much crypto money you will receive on top — the larger the balance, the higher the multiplier provided by the DuckDice. Thus, it will allow placing more bets and playing with larger stakes. Still, there are also some restrictions reviews for deposit perks:

  • Deposit bonuses are limited and can expire;
  • Bonus Balance can’t be used for other purposes except for its original one;
  • The campaign has limits for the max win value per bet.

icon_mCashback reward

duckdice cashback bonus

As the name suggests, cashback allows you to get a portion of your bet back. But as you might have noticed, DuckDice.io strives to add new features to already familiar deposit bonuses and free ones.

This one can also increase your bet no matter whether you face wins or losses when betting. To receive this reward, you’re required to make a wager on a particular number. Once this number is hit, you’ll get a reward multiplier. By the way, this perk applies to your Faucet money also.


icon_mReward for luckies

duckdice lucky bonus

According to reviews, this kind of deposit reward allows you to earn additional money by betting. It can be granted to only one player or numerous luckies. So what is the idea behind this offer? The players are asked to specify a bet number and place a specific amount of money on it.

If this bet number matches the random-generated one, the player gets a reward. As simple as that. There’s one important notice though — you won’t receive a Lucky Bet Bonus prize if you set the bet amount, which is lower than it has been required.



duckdice progressive bonus

Progressives are, perhaps, the most favorite type of reward among players. Simply put, there’s an ever-increasing prize pool that can be hit by anyone who will play this progressive Duckdice game. The overall pool grows with each bet. Once the jackpot is won, the jackpot prize amount falls to its original value and starts increasing again following the same principle.


icon_mHunt and win

duckdice hunt bonus

There’s an engaging Duckdice game that allows getting free coins — Duck Hunt. When the duck appears on the monitor and flies over an online chat, it’s time to collect lucky Duck bet bonus money. You only need to click on it, and you’ll win 0.00001 BTC! Note that the duck’s route is completely random, and you can’t predict where exactly it’ll arrive. Also, you can trigger Duck Rain Coins and become a popular member of a chat. Just be engaged in chat discussions to receive them.


icon_mSpecial crypto perks

duckdice special perks

The website has other unusual crypto bonuses that you can put to good use. These are special-occasion rewards that are granted to the player on their birthday, or on holidays like Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter, etc. Some deposit bonuses can make you a happy owner of 0.0001 BTC from a single 0.000001 BTC wager. They are really easy to obtain. Short deposit and free bonus reviews are presented here:

Birthday. Discover ornamented eggs, click on them, and get free coins;
Christmas. To take advantage of it you’ll have to make a deposit within 24 hours on Christmas days. Then look for the gift image on the monitor, click on it, and check your increased funds. Your lucky bet bonus prize will depend on your pro-level on the website;
New Year. Just bet deposit and no less than a specified sum and hit a specified number;
Easter. The gift is accessible each year. You need to discover Easter Eggs with special effects. Just play the Sniper game, purchase lottery tickets, or make bets with positive deposit.



  • Quick and easy gameplay with helpful instructions and reviews
  • Fast cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals
  • 12 coins supported: Dash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc
  • Amusing promo offers within games
  • Lively community and an inbuilt chat
  • Low casino advantage
  • The limited number of games to select from
  • Bland graphics
  • Lack of advanced features
  • Asks for personal information (e.g. email address, social profile details, etc.)
  • The casino can close your account and remove the cryptos from it in the case of 6-month inactivity



Licences: The Central Government of the Netherlands Antilles, ANTILLEPHONE.N.V issued license, extended by the Government of Curasao (Sabant B.V., Dr. M.J. Hugenholtzweg 25, Curacao)
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, HTML5, Flash
Live Chat: Yes
Languages: United States of America (USA)GermanyIndiaPhilippinesBrazilRage

Email: support@duckdice.io

Compliants (AML, FRAUD, GDPR): complaint@duckdice.io



Detailed overview of DuckDice

Now that you know all the special perks of duckdice.io, its overall idea, and individual attention to customers, it’s time to go into details. Below we will describe the available provably fair games, outline the multiple cryptocurrencies supported (ETH, BTC, XMR, DOGE, BCH, DASH), and focus on its community solutions. Read on.

Provably fair cryptocurrency gambling

Today, almost all online gamblers have heard from different reviews about provably fair solutions that are transforming the industry somehow. But only some of them really know how these solutions work. Such algorithms are used by gaming platforms to assure players of honest game results. The provably fair games technology serves to prevent cheating on the part of both players and the operator. The mechanics of the provably fair concept may vary among casinos, but the key principles are always the same.

duckdice awards

If you refer to the dedicated page on the official site, you will learn that the casino uses a combination of the server and client seeds, and a so-called nonce to verify each and every game. Server Seed is usually encrypted and provided by the casino’s random generator, so you are unable to tamper with it.

On the other hand, Client Seed is generated by you and is unknown to the operator. A nonce is a randomly selected bet number. All these components are used to calculate the roll outcome. Once bets are played out, you can easily verify the fairness of the game comparing the seeds. Obviously, the use of these provably fair algorithms is a bait that many punters fall for. But there’s more to it.

It all starts with the DuckDice interface

The Duck platform is strongly user-oriented, which is manifested in a carefully designed UI, easy-to-use features, and a clear website structure.
First-time visitors will be provided with a tutorial that explains the Duck game rules. There’s also a live chat with other punters and a direct channel to communicate with the support team.

Thus if you run into any difficulties when using the website, be sure to get assistance in no time. DuckDice can be accessed from a PC, a laptop, or a mobile device, and is available in light and dark themes. The site’s responsive design makes it a great option for Android/iOS dice players.

interface duckdice

How to become a member at Duck Dice?

You can register at DuckDice in a matter of seconds. Just enter your email, ID, and password, and that’s it. After the registration, you’ll have to confirm your email and select the crypto coin that you’re planning to use, either Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Doge, ETH, Dash, etc. By the way, you can sign up using your social media credentials. Facebook, LinkedIn, Telegram, VK, etc. are supported for registration.

login duckdice

Ways to fund your Duckdice account

DuckDice allows players to deposit cryptocurrency in a traditional way, via a crypto wallet, or earn money from playing faucet games.

Crypto deposits

If you are a seasoned player, there won’t be any issues when loading the account. The whole process should be well-known. If you are a newbie at Duckdice, here’s a quick guide. In the dedicated deposit section, select the sum you would like to transfer and confirm the transaction. Funds will be added to your account almost instantly.

deposit duckdice

Remember, however, that some transactions may require a particular number of verifications within the network. It depends on the type of cryptocurrency you use to load your balance. As for supported cryptocurrencies, you can use 12! In addition to the popular Bitcoin and Ethereum, the platform lists less widespread coins like Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Dogecoin (DOGE), Monero (XMR), and Dash (DASH).

There’s also an in-built exchange. So if you want to convert your Litecoin (LTC), for instance, or any other supported currency, you can easily do it within the website. So, the players’ can rest assured that DuckDice strategy has all the bases covered.

Earn via games

If you’ve run out of money, you can use Duckdice 1% bet strategy or access a Bitcoin faucet and gain free funds. 30 faucet requests are available per day. In order to claim them, you need to play a faucet game against a computer or a real player. The earnings will depend on your level.


  • As to reviews provided here, it may now come as no surprise, but this online venue is all about dice. The graphic elements are quite simple, but the gaming process is dynamic and fast-paced. If you have just joined the Duckdice site and are going to play for the first time, you will be provided with a detailed tutorial and rules. Still, we will also give you a general overview of the gameplay.

    Playing DICE

    • Enjoy all Basically, you need to guess the number that the system will generate. You will have two options. Wagering on the first option (low), you suppose that the played-out roll will be smaller than the displayed number. In the second case (high), you wager on the larger number.
    • There are several modes that you can opt for to match your style of playing. These are auto, manual, and flash. To start playing, choose the amount of your stake and hit the Roll button.
    • Speaking about possible Duckdice strategy, bets and wins, let’s focus on Bitcoin. You can see the limits for other currencies here.
    • The minimum bet is currently estimated at 0.0000001 Bitcoins, while the maximum possible win earned from a single bet is 10 Bitcoins. The highest win chance is 98%, and the minimum win chance is 0.01%. As we have already mentioned, the casino advantage is low here. Its house edge = 1%.

  • What’s more, the Duckdice website offers secondary games that serve to increase your bankroll.

    Other games

    • Lottery. The users can purchase as many tickets as they want. Depending on the number of matches, winners can get 50%, 30%, or 20% of the prize. The platform itself takes only a 10% fee from the lottery ticket sales, which is a very low rate.
    • Sniper. Here, you can compete against other duckdice.io players. What’s interesting, you can initiate the contest and invite other punters. Set up the time when the roll should be started (for instance, in 7 minutes). The player, whose roll is the closest to the randomly generated one, wins the prize pool.



How to get the won crypto?

Although the website is cryptocurrency-based, you can still withdraw your balance money in fiat. You can send your funds to bank cards, e-money wallets, and even your mobile phone account. But, there are certain requirements for maximum/minimum withdrawal. Again, let’s take Bitcoin Cash as an example.

When it comes to the lowest possible amount, you will be able to cash out only 0.002 BCH. But to do so, you should pay a fee of around 0.000028 BCH. When it comes to the highest amount, it varies. Mind that you are unable to perform any input and output financial operations without making actual bets. It’s also prohibited to withdraw coins earned from Faucet. In some cases, withdrawals to users’ accounts have to be confirmed by the company’s staff.

duckdice withdrawal

DuckDice is about the gaming community

The Duckdice casino tries to maintain friendly relationships among the community members. Therefore, it offers an online chat and a discussion forum to encourage players to communicate while playing. The users can also send coins to each other in the form of tips. But before you can start chatting with other dice fans, you need to place no less than a hundred Duck bets. This is to avoid spam.

community duckdice

Is the gambling site safe? The verdict

DuckDice pays much attention to the security of customer data. They allow for multi-tier protection, VPN use, and 2FA. The website sticks to the principles of responsible play and aims at improving the gaming experience for everyone. Therefore, if you start facing gambling issues, you can easily opt for self-exclusion.

My Duckdice Games Live Streamings

I’ve decided to start live streamings of all crypto platforms I test (Cloudbet, StakeCOM, Slotocash included) so to show you how it really works in real streams. Besides that, via stream you can understand rules, probabilities of the win, multipliers. As you see on my stream on Duckdice game, after 10-20 plays you have a possibility to look through the trend in dynamics and make some conclusions regarding what to choose: either Hi or Low (considering the Duckdice online casino and its game).



1. Which countries are restricted at DuckDice?

Sad to say, but DuckDice is unavailable to players from the United States of America along with France, Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean Islands, Curacao, and a few more countries, where online gambling is forbidden by the law.

2. Can I have free spins on DuckDice site?

Currently, it doesn’t have any free spins on offer neither on registration an account nor during the game play.

3. May I make a withdrawal with my credit card?

Yes, the gambling house allows cashing out your gains using a credit card. But it’s worth noting that it can take up to 6 working days to be completed!