Katie’s Review of Top Microgaming Casinos

As someone who frequents online casinos, I am positive that those sites which offer Microgaming experiences are the best around! To show you how I reached this conclusion, I’ve constructed a list detailing the most important aspects of any online betting house. Firstly, all excellent casinos offer a wide range of games that include a vast array of types and betting sizes.

Secondly, superb gambling rooms will extend bonuses and other offers for new and experienced players alike. Thirdly, having a presence on all modern devices and operating systems is a must. Finally, all reputable online casinos demonstrate their authenticity by carrying permits, licenses or other authorizations from regulating powers. See the facts below for yourself!

Bonuses at Microgaming Casinos

bonuses at microgaming casinosWhen you sign up for any casino, you will notice certain ongoing promotions being offered by the establishment. In fact, almost all places have a new player reward; this means that settling for less is not an option. Be wary of what each website is offering and choose what is right for you. Be on the lookout for crazy offers, as they can be scams.

I suggest claiming smaller bonuses with comparatively low wagering requirements. This means that you are better able to acquire your bonus and you’ll spend less time trying to game the system.

  • No Deposit Bonus

    no deposit bonus at microgaming casinos

    No Deposit Bonus is all the benefit of a regular bonus without the commitment. Merely signing up for a site may entitle you to free cash or spins to play with, although you must wager through a certain amount of your winnings before you can withdraw it. $10 / 10 free spins usually go to newbies and regular players get up to $100 free with 30x wagering requirement applied to them.

  • Match Bonus

    match bonus at microgaming casinos

    Match Bonuses are a simple concept: the more you deposit, the more the casino will match. Typical match bonuses range from 50-100% of the initial deposit. The catch with these is they typically have a high wagering requirement, meaning that you’ll need to play a lot to unlock that cash. Also, many match bonuses come with a cap on the deposit amount. 50% with $500 cap you’ll get for your second input.

  • Refer-A-Friend offers

    refer-a-friend bonus at microgaming casinos

    Refer-A-Friend offers come around occasionally and are a great way to both get your buddy into the game and get yourself some extra cash. If you send someone a special link to sign up for a casino, they may reward you with this bonus. The bonus can be anything from a small amount of free cash or other goodies with low wagering requirements. Casinos come with 200% match gift of your friend’s first deposit, up to $100.

  • Cashback offers

    cashback bonus at microgaming casinos

    Cashback offers work much like a rebate from a retailer. Spend money now, earn credit to your account later. Typically, casinos will provide an offer that promises a small percentage back on your losses when you play a certain game. These bonuses typically have low wagering requirements, as low as 1x the bonus amount. You’ll find around 5% – 25% cashback depending on the sum you bet with.

  • 1 Hour for Free

    free hour bonus at microgaming casinos

    1 Hour for Free is the best bonus around. It’s also the rarest, and for good reason. To attract customers, betting houses will let players sign up and play with a small amount of money for free. The only catch is that you have a single hour to play through and win as much as possible. This is great for people who want a no-risk scenario with great winning potential. As always, read the fine print to see if there is a withdrawal time limit or a wagering requirement.

  • VIP Programs

    vip bonus at microgaming casinos

    VIP Programs give regulars the edge with special bonuses, offers, event tickets, and exceptional customer service. The more you play, the better rewards you earn. A “Silver Member”, for example, may earn a small cash back bonus every week. A “Platinum Member”, however, would earn twice the bonus as the prior player. All memberships come with exclusive access to customer care that will resolve issues as soon as they appear.

  • Special Rewards

    exclusives at microgaming casinos

    Some casinos will reward you simply for getting older! How great is that? As these establishments have access to your identification, they know your birthday and may give you a celebratory treat with small gifts. Be on the lookout for Christmas, Easter, or New Year promotions that line your wallet! A casino may offer one-game bonus to double your winnings on a certain game for a limited time / number of rounds. You can’t pass up this offer!

Payment Options

payments at microgaming casinosAny great establishment, including online casinos, have flexible options for both depositing and withdrawing funds. The most important aspects are both the safety and speed of any given transactions. Microgaming, as the leader in gaming technology, has exemplified quality with regards to payment methods.

Safe Deposits

It’s your money, so keep it safe! When going to any online site that requires payment, caution is key. For Microgaming sponsored sites, the most convenient method is via credit or debit card from a local bank or Visa, Discover, Mastercard or any other institution. The casino will require your personal information to authorize transactions—this may include a copy of state/country ID, phone number, email, or address.

Use an e-wallet service such as Skrill or PayPal if the gaming house offers them. This is a safe, foolproof way to transfer money from your bank account. Additionally, fees are nonexistent with this method. Other arrangements include electronic checks, bank transfers, or cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. While crypto may make your identity anonymous, if there are any issues with casino service or payment, your money could be lost without recourse.

Fast Withdrawals

There is sometimes a disparity between methods available for deposit and those available for withdrawal. Most Microgaming casinos do offer wire transfers, though, which can be a safe option. It’s important to note that prepaid debit cards such as Visa or Paysafecard are likely not accepted for withdrawal. As always, e-wallet services such as Skrill, Neteller, Paypal, Paysquare, Poli, OKPay, etc. are a quick, viable option.

My number one suggestion for quick withdrawals are betting houses that offer Bitcoin. There is no withdrawal limit, they transfer quickly to your personal wallet (just make sure to have the address correct!), and it’s 100% secure and hacker-free. The final option is to simply use your everyday credit or debit card, but transaction times can be quite long, and withdrawal caps may apply.

Reasonable Limits

bonus limits at microgaming casinosYou may believe that it is unreasonable to have limits on player winnings. However, for the protection of both parties involved, further verification is required for large amounts. Say, for instance, you won a large sum of money. The casino will refuse to hand you these funds right away as they must confirm your identity. Imagine one mistake in the paperwork throwing your money into the hands of someone else.

Or maybe you cheated somehow, and the website needs to investigate for potential fraud. For both sides, keeping limits for verification is a smart move. The only factor is time. Be skeptical of casinos with no limits or, conversely, too many conditions for withdrawal. At Microgaming, operators implement fair and honest practices that will keep your money safe.

Time of Takeout

Different withdrawal preferences mean different transaction times. Below are the averages of the most popular methods:

Credit/debit cards – 3-5 days

E-wallets – ~1 day

Bank Transfer – 7 days

BTC/LTC/ETH – Typically less than an hour, depending on confirmations.

Min – Max Transfers

Every place has their own in-house rules. The minimum is usually around $10 when utilizing a standard plastic card or the various e-wallets available. Large amounts, those totaling in the tens of thousands, may require a direct bank transfer to be successful. Other options for very large transfers are wire transfers, crypto, and physical checks sent via mail—although the last one is extremely rare and risky.


Fees aren’t that common unless you’re transferring currency types and are required to pay a small fee. Only a few banking options demand fees. These include, but aren’t limited to, bank/wire transfers and e-checks. Typically, fees aren’t larger than 1.5% (up to $30). Check with your local branch or Microgaming casino for more details.

Country Restrictions

Never, EVER, try to cheat the casino! The big man will always win that battle. For example, if your country is restricted from playing on a site and you cheat the system somehow, withdrawing cash will be nearly impossible. IBAN codes and other inter-country securities will prevent the transaction from occurring. So, play fair!

Client’s Support

customer support at microgaming casinosLook, I know many of you out there hate the idea of pandering to a site’s customer service department. But, the fact is, you never know when you’ll need assistance. Maybe you are having trouble processing payment, or your game is irresponsive in your web browser. Technicians are trained professionals to help you fix these problems.

Luckily, Microgaming sponsored betting rooms come fully equipped with a wide variety of customer service related options. These include: live chats, e-mail conversations with managers, telephone assistance, and even—most importantly—a personal manager for your account if you are a VIP.

A Full Range of Games from Microgaming

You might believe the quality of life options and fancy graphics don’t matter when picking your casino. However, eye sores and cumbersome controls can get old after a while. Fortunately, Microgaming products are top-notch in both their presentation and internal design.

This means that you’ll enjoy pique graphical and sound overhauls in addition to the newest games available on the market. Microgaming is committed to revolutionizing the online betting market, so original game types and jackpot offerings are always on the horizon. Below, you’ll find examples of the most popular games today with details on their betting sizes and offerings.

Game What’s Hot Tops Info
slots at microgaming casinos
  • Impeccable graphical presentation
  • Layered bonus spins that can lead up to huge jackpots
  • Enormous winning potential
  • Progressive jackpots – $6M
  • Satisfying sound effects
Terminator 2
Thunderstruck II
RTP – 95%
Minimum bet – €1
Maximum bet – €1,250
Paytable – 1x to 10,000x
live dealer at microgaming casinos
  • Exciting, in-the-moment action through live streaming
  • Attractive dealers – Playboy bunnies
  • Dealer-player live chat interaction
  • Player-player live chat interaction
  • Varieties of games / bet sizes
RTP – 90-98%
Minimum bet – €1
Maximum bet – €1,000
Paytable – 1x to 150x
poker at microgaming casinos
  • Stunning visuals
  • Tournaments
  • Single-player poker
  • Large tables
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Enormous player pool
Texas Hold’em
5-Card Stud
Omaha Hi-Lo
RTP – 98%
Minimum bet – €1
Maximum bet – €200
Paytable – 1x to 250x
bingo at microgaming casinos
  • Linked games
  • Physical prizes (tech devices)
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Customizable avatars
Quickfire Bingo
Casino-in-Bingo side games
RTP – 72%
Minimum bet – €1
Maximum bet – €5,000
Paytable – 1x to 1000x

Tournaments for Casino Lovers

tourneys at microgaming casinosIf you’re tired of conventional games with standard payouts, look no further than tournaments! Dive right into the action with a daily, weekly, or monthly tournament with a set buy-in. If you crave competition, this is last stop on your journey with Microgaming technology because it is fierce.

All kinds of tournaments exist from Texas Hold’em to Stud to Razz. Special tournaments with knockout bonuses and rebuys are available as well. Buy-ins can range from the low-balling $1 entry fee with a thousand participants to the $10,000 high-roller special. Prizes for these tournaments scale depending on the buy-in and number of players but can reach over $1M in the highest games.

Microgaming also sponsors one of the greatest poker tours of all time: the MPN Poker Tour. Visiting tons of scenic locations around the globe, the MPN Poker Tour is all about relaxation, fun, and competition.
It is also worth mentioning there are charity tournaments where a portion or all the proceeds reaped by the casino are donated to charities to help people across the globe.

And it’s not all just poker—slot tournaments are a thing, although much less popular. But considering in 2009 there was a 1.3M EUR slot tournament for 5,000 players, the possibilities are endless.

The Biggest Jackpot Ever!

jackpot winners at microgaming casinosIn 2015, Jonathon Heywood never thought he’d win £13.2 million by playing online slots. But, while his screen flashed brightly from the colors of Microgaming’s Mega Moolah online slot, the ultimate jackpot was hit. This is the largest payout in history—but the record is available to be broken!

  • Caribbean Draw Poker – A progressive jackpot of 20,400 credits with at least 50,000 up for grabs on the bonus pot. Chip value varies between 1 and 100. At the time of writing, the jackpot is worth 50,051.62!
  • Major Millions – With a jackpot that currently totals over 1M, it features three different versions of the same jackpot-based game: MegaSpin, 3-Reel Slot, and a 5-Reel variant.
  • Roulette Royale – If by some chance the number comes up 5 times back-to-back, the jackpot is struck. Currently valued at 235,331.08!
  • King Cashalot – With 5 reels and cool multipliers that will have you jumping out of your chair, this game offers a current jackpot of 366,655.20!
  • Progressive Cyberstud Poker –Multiple betting rooms are connected simultaneously, so the jackpot grows higher and higher… currently at over 247,000!
  • Poker Ride – If you have a knack for getting straight flushes, try out Poker Ride! Every time you get one of these hands, you get 10 percent of the progressive jackpot.

All Devices Compatibility

microgaming casinos on various devicesEver at the forefront of modern technology, Microgaming aims to please its audience with a vast number of gaming experiences. Today, thanks to the company, we can play on iPads, web browsers, PCs, Macs, and Android devices. The range of development extends into Flash, Java, HTML5, C++ and .Net.

Mobile / Tablets

android microgaming casinosAndroid is a great alternative to iOS. With crazy fast speeds and access to the most popular games available, you can’t go wrong with this platform. However, only modern devices with powerful processors and large screens will provide the best experience. Older devices may not be supported or will be slow.

ios microgaming casinosBecause of Apple’s commitment to a larger viewing screen, iOS devices have better access to Microgaming gambling games. The best part is that they can be played through the web browser and require no downloading of a standalone application.

PC / Laptops

microgaming casinos on windowsIf you have any version of Windows that is XP or newer, you’ll be able to enjoy Microgaming products. Although you need to download the software to your computer and must play at home, this method is a fast, accessible way to play. It’s also completely cost-free.

microgaming casinos on apple computersAny version of an iMac device produced and kept up-to-date in the last 10 years should suffice for using Microgaming services. MacBooks will have no trouble handing in-browser or standalone casino software with a healthy viewing area and great graphical capacity

Innovative Products and Platforms

innovations at microgaming casinosWhile most developers simply use the standard infrastructure of HTML5 or Adobe Flash, Microgaming has innovated the market in the last few years to push the genre forward. These design decisions simplify and enhance your interactive experience with new technology such as Quickfire and other tools.


The best part about Quickfire is that it is designed to get the player to the game faster and more efficiently. The platform has a wide variety of games at the player’s finger so less searching is needed. It replaces the cumbersome interface. Additionally, Quickfire IQ was launched which helps operators manage their casinos with software that automates processes and creates a lasting impression.

Community Games with Multi-player

The worst part about separate platforms is that players typically cannot play with each other cross-platform. With Microgaming’s Multi-player focus, those playing on standalone applications, via flash web browsers or other means can all play in the same game. This works for tournaments and multiple products including poker, slots, live dealers, etc.

Track Your Bets with Play Check

If you are a heavy gamer, Play Check allows you to view all your wins and losses in detail from a single dashboard. The widget will grant you the ability to see, across different casinos, what games you played and their individual outcomes. You’ll see how much was wagered and what bonuses were incurred. This kind of replay feature is also good for reviewing strategies.

Cash Check Facility

The Cash Check facility is essentially a checkbook. It shows you all deposits and withdrawals made from separate institutions that utilize Microgaming products. This win-loss tally is especially useful around tax season. It also keeps track of bonuses given by betting houses, so you’ll never forget what you earn!

Clear Play Tool

Clearplay was designed as a management system to separate your playable balance versus the more figurative bonus credit. This way, you can see how much you have for withdrawal at any given moment. Another amazing benefit is that the wagering requirements for bonuses under Clearplay are homogeneous through Microgaming casinos, and you are not limited to playing a single game type to fulfill these requirements.

Fair Casinos from Microgaming

fair microgaming casinosIn my opinion, the most important part of choosing an online casino is figuring out how reputable the establishment is. Microgaming stands for transparency in online gambling. They want to make players feel respected and feel like their private information is secure. This is why regulative entities and institutions have popped up across the globe to recognize and license gaming houses.


Microgaming is the co-founder of eCogra, an organization dedicated to the veracity of online gaming and fair play. This company regulates online gambling in countries around the globe and is trusted by the Gambling Commission which arose in 2005 to regulate gambling practices.


The Malta Gaming Authority is responsible for licensing and verifying casino products produced by Microgaming. They ensure the fair treatment of customers and ensure the truth of advertising, so players are correctly informed. This body is dedicated to the principle of player-casino trust.

Gambling Commission

Started in 2005 by Great Britain, the Gambling Commission was designed to curb illegal activities such as exploitation and trafficking in the gambling industry. They assign licenses to approved and trusted associations.


Microgaming is also a member of the Manx e-Gaming Association (MeGA). Located on the Isle of Man, this association has become an international force in regulating gambling. Supporting their local community was an important aspect of joining this group.


The Remote Gambling Association was developed in 2005. Microgaming’s RGA membership is a testament to their commitment to better serving their licensees and standing true to the greatest of standards.

More FACTS about Microgaming

Microgaming factsIn February 2014, Microgaming became the first ever to test Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch’s online slot

Microgaming factsFeatures over 40+ heart-pounding progressive jackpots including slots, poker, and roulette

Microgaming factsCurrently operating more than 1,200 versions of classic casino games and hosting modern variants as well

Microgaming facts45 of the most requested languages are integrated into Microgaming interfaces

Microgaming facts25 currencies are available, meaning you can save on conversion fees

Microgaming factsOver 450 different casinos or businesses utilize Microgaming software

Microgaming factsMicrogaming is based on the values of social inclusion and fair gaming

Microgaming factsSince 2001, received dozens of awards in innovation, technology, and excellence.