A New Update on the SiGMA/AIBC Event in Manila 2021

Katie on SiGMA 2021

COVID-19 has changed plans of companies in all business areas, and SiGMA Group is no exception. The company announced that the regular SiGMA and AIBC events that should have taken place on June 8-9, 2020 in Manila will be postponed to May 27-28, 2021.

However, SiGMA Manila is going to host a web-conference in 2020, together with ICE Asia from Clarion Gaming. It is a free conference that will last for 3 days. Each representative of the industry can apply for participation by filling in a free registration form. Moreover, each delegate will get a free pass to Manila-21 once registered for SiGMA’s web-event.

The purpose of this event is to support the iGaming sector in times of crisis. The event will provide free content to both representatives of the technical sphere and gaming specialists. It will bring together the leading experts in the gaming industry, who will act as speakers. They will conduct panel discussions, as well as reports on the prospects and changes in the sector. This should motivate the community to create new opportunities for this niche taking into account the global changes that shook the society and the business world.

According to Eman Pulis, CEO, and founder of SiGMA Group, the COVID-19 pandemic should make the society rethink its lifestyle and development opportunities. And since SiGMA Group is committed to creating a favorable environment for participants in iGaming, the conference will highlight the difficulties that await all the players in this market.

Eman Pulis left the European continent and moved to Asia last year. He is now a staunch supporter of the Asian market. Obviously, SiGMA Manila sticks to the same principle. Although the pandemic situation is controversial and ambiguous, Pulis is confident that rescheduling the key gaming event to 2021 will allow the community to adapt to new scenarios.

Still, the head of the company is optimistic. He is confident that a year of extra time will only increase interest in the Asian iGaming segment, which means that the 2021 show promises to be large-scale. Eman also noted that the company will certainly report on further plans and announcements, and expressed gratitude to all supporters.

SIGMA Group values the health of its employees and visitors, as well as all those who work on arranging the company’s events. Therefore, having examined the situation with COVID-19 and its further potential development, the team decided to change the date of the Manila gaming event, postponing it until the end of May 2021. Today, it is one of the key decisions of the company that is intended to maintain a healthy environment.

Expanding on the above said, Kate Chambers, a top manager at Clarion Gaming, informed that her team is closely following the updates in the business and gaming communities. Especially, due to changes caused by COVID-19. Therefore, she supports and understands her Asian colleagues, who have postponed the conference that was expected to host 10,000 participants.

SiGMA Expo: What is this event? And what does it promote?

SiGMA is a global event aimed at developing the iGaming industry and is the largest exhibition in Europe. Since 2014, it has become a full-fledged showcase platform for the gaming industry. And it is now the key gaming business event in Europe and Asia.

In 2019, the iGaming SiGMA Summit gathered around 15,000 participants from about 80 countries. Not to mention that the event was attended by 200 exhibitors and was supported by 400 sponsors and delegates.