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Modern CSGO opening sites are extremely popular due to the possibilities they provide. Nonetheless, only some of them are fair, reliable, and ensure generous winnings. If you are looking for such a service, Farmskins is your perfect choice. Read this article to discover its main benefits.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time reading long boring reviews, you can get acquainted with the my overview provided below. It includes everything you need to know about Farmskins.com brand. Also, pay attention to other my reviews, like Hellcase review or CSGOEmpire review, which are also the first-class platforms for CS:GO betting.


Farmskins Bonuses and Promo Codes

Bonuses constantly attract people and if you are looking for such free and generous offers, you should certainly visit farmskins.com. This amazing platform is perfect for any fan of exciting CS:GO games.

Get Prizes Every 24 Hours

This awesome website offers free bonuses every day. Besides, there is a possibility to increase the level of your bonus offer. All that you need to do is just fund your account. In case you get a case or skin, you’ll be able to withdraw or sell it whenever you want.

Daily bonus at Farmskins

Open Cases & Get Rewards

Players can purchase and open cases to take part in regular giveaways. They’ll be getting points for every case. The more of them you’ll open, the higher the chance of getting a reward. Thanks to such a great feature, players can save money and get free additional items every day.

Open cases at Farmskins

Farmskins Promo Codes

Farmskins.com offers an attractive cooperation opportunity. After the registration, you’ll receive a promo code given personally to you. All that you need is to share it with your friends and other CS:Go players. For example, you can use your profiles on different social media to cope with this task.

Promo codes will provide you with bonuses equal to the percentage of deposits made by your referrals. In addition, a person can use code to receive such pleasant goodies as a free case or another awesome bonus. Nonetheless, remember that you’ll be getting rewards only when your referrals deposit their accounts.

Promo Codes at Farmskins



You should consider that Farmskins provides its clients with tons of benefits. However, there is a drawback you should take into account before you start using this platform.

  • The generous bonus offers including daily rewards and giveaways.
  • Possibility to track the platform’s statistics in real-time.
  • Promo codes can be used to increase your income and get free cases or more generous rewards.
  • The website supports eight languages.
  • Impressive variety of banking options.
  • Impossibility to get acquainted with certain website’s services without registration.


Basic Info about Farmskins

Licences: N/A
Established: 2016
Platforms: Mac, Android, Linux, iOS, Windows
Owner: WiseAvant OÜ
Live Chat: Yes
Payout: N/A
Currencies: N/A
Deposit: Bank Transfer, Visa, Cryptocurrencies, G2A Wallet, MasterCard, Skrill, Webmoney
Withdrawal: Bank Transfer, G2A Wallet, Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Webmoney, Cryptocurrencies
Languages: EnglishChinajapaneserussianGermanyBrazilTurkishKorean
Support: Email: contact@farmskins.com
Live Chat


A Complete Guide to Farmskins

Farmskins.com is a perfect platform for any CSGO fan. The website allows for purchasing exclusive cases. As a rule, their prices vary from hundreds of dollars to few cents. Besides, you don’t know what item is hidden inside a case. The interesting fact is that its value can be lower or higher than the price of the purchased case.

Actually, this process is similar to gambling at online casinos because you can’t predict the results of your activity. Besides, the website offers opportunities to organize CS:GO battles, where the winners can be rewarded greatly or lose their bets. In this case, the results depend only on the gaming skills of every player.

Farmskins review

Farmskins Design & Software

Farmskins has an attractive design and a friendly UI. Thanks to it, even beginners won’t face any problems while using it. And, of course, each page includes a FAQ section, which informs about the unique features of the website as well as provides detailed instructions. The website is powered by famous G2P and Steam. Thanks to it, you can’t be totally sure of its fairness and top-quality performance.

Code of Conduct for CSGO Fans

It’s important to take into account several essential details if you want to create a profile at Farmskins.com. First of all, the users under the age of 18 aren’t allowed to use the services of the platform. In addition, the residents of Belgium, Netherlands, and Denmark are also restricted from using the website due to the laws of their countries.

How to Register at Farmskins

The registration process at Farmskins is as simple as ABC. Nonetheless, consider that at all CSGO gambling sites you’ll need to provide the information about your Steam account first. Only after it, you’ll be able to use the website’s services and play your CSGO cases.

Deposit & Withdrawal Details

Bear in mind that Farmskins supports all popular banking options including G2A Wallet, Visa, MasterCard, and Skrill. What is more, CSGO players can use cryptocurrencies to start winning skins at this website.

The withdrawal process is similar to the ones offered by other platforms for CS:Go skins. Farmskins also allows not only betting or trading your skins but withdrawing them and transferring to your Steam profile. Just follow the instructions provided by the website.

Plus, the players need to deposit their accounts at least once in order to withdraw their winnings. The great news is that the minimum deposit is only $4. As a rule, players have to wait nearly eight days before they’ll be able to receive their items. However, some skins can be withdrawn instantly. Besides, according to the information provided by Farmskins, the website doesn’t set any withdrawal limits.
Payments at Farmskins



Farmskins Is All about CSGO Case Opening

Are you looking forward to starting using Farmskins’ services? After the registration, you’ll get access to the variety of chances to get valuable skins.

Fight for the Best CSGO Skins

Do you want to test your CS:GO gaming skills? If your answer is “yes”, this feature is just for you. Create battle, defeat the opponents, and receive your rewards.

Exchange Unwanted Items at Farmskins

In case you have unwanted skins and you have a desire to exchange them without risk, just click on the “Contract” button. Place at least three items and get new ones within a few seconds.

Luckies Get Valuable Skins

This way to win the valuable skins is similar to betting at an online casino. You can use your items or money to get the better CS:GO skins. What is more, you are able even to select what reward you want to get. Nonetheless, bear in mind that your chance to win has a straightforward correlation with the value of your wager. The higher it is, the stronger the possibility to get the desired prize.

Sought-after CSGO Skins

You’ll be amazed by the items you can win at Farmskins. For example, it offers such jaw-dropping prizes as:

  • AWP Hyper Beast. Extremely popular skin, which costs nearly $30.
  • MAC-10 Neon Rider. Do you adore SMG? This item is just for you. Its value is near $12.
  • AK-47 Neon Revolution. AK-47 is extremely popular with all CSGO players and it’s possible to get up to $50 for this attractive and bright skin.

Cases and Skins at Farmskins

A Chance to Earn with Farmskins

The platform provides a chance to earn money by using its promo codes. Besides, its amazing affiliate program allows you to get bonuses. After it, you can use them to win the valuable skins. Sell them and withdraw the money. As you can see, this website can become a great source of additional income for any CSGO fan.

Security Measures in Place

Farmskins ensures the highest security level for its users. It is secured by the SSL encryption method. Check out the left side of its address to make sure that it provides a protected connection. Besides, there is no doubt about its fairness. The website is well-known in the CSGO community. What is more, it has already sponsored several official tournaments.

Any Questions? Get Famskins Support

You can always count on a professional and friendly customer support team in case you face any question or issue. Contact a responsive support team via email or live chat. It goes without saying that your problem will be solved within a few minutes.

Burning FAQs about Farmskins

Do you still don’t know whether you should trust this amazing platform? Get acquainted with the answers to the most popular questions in order to reduce your uncertainty.

1. Is Farmskins legit?

There is no question that this is an absolutely safe and legitimate website. Besides, it has clear and fair Terms and Conditions.

2. Is Farmskins’ referral program truly profitable?

In case you manage to promote your promo code, you’ll get the possibility to make a scoop, exchange the most valuable skins, and receive your money.

3. What does a Farmskins promo code bring?

Promo codes are the part of an affiliate program offered by Farmskins. They help the players to get additional bonuses while promoting the website.

4. How to make the most out of my Farmskins affiliate code?

It’ll be a good idea to use your social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram if you want to attract more referrals. Also, in case you have your own YouTube channel, you can promote your affiliate code there. All in all, your task is to attract as many CSGO players as possible.

What CSGO Fans Say about Farmskins

Do you still have any doubts? Read several reviews written by satisfied players to get rid of them:


“I put 20 on my account yesterday and got a knife sold the knife back and ended up getting a hellfire and a huntsman knife this site is legit you just got to know what case to go for and when to stop but I highly recommend” – Nicholas Pierce

“Best case opening site that is legit….. I even made a dozen dollars of it with my tough luck! 100% legit will definitely continue to use” – Noah Randle

“Good site with good prices and most importantly it is safe and gives your winnings, but watch out for scammers pretending to be any mod or administrator trying to scam you. just ignore them or report them. Keep your winnings safe” – Patience Knox

“I won a lot of items from this site. Also, the case opening is very legit. I really love the design of the site and the daily giveaway is nice :)” – David Lane