Katie Wager (Isaacson)

Hi, I’m Katie Wager and I’m a huge fan of online gambling — you know this very well.

Today, I want to share an overview of one of my favorite CSGO gambling platformsHellcase.com. This platform impressed me with its quality and diversity, attitude towards users, and good service. As a truly high-quality platform, Hellcase has a large number of different bonuses designed to attract new players and entertain the current ones.

I carefully studied the site in order to find answers to all your questions. Of course, there are no perfect sites. And while Hellcase.com is indeed a cutting-edge platform, it has its drawbacks as well. Would you like to know them? Read over.


Hellcase Bonuses & Perks

Free Rewards Daily

To be eligible for the daily bonus, you must meet the following requirements:
• your Steam account must be level 2 or higher;
• you must have 12 hours played of Dota or CS: GO;
• data about your profile and your activity on the platform must be open.

Once you meet these criteria, you will have to take one of the two actions: either change your avatar in Steam to the site logo or top up your account with $5. Any daily bonus usually comes in the form of extra money for your account or free rounds.

daily bonus

Bonus drops

One of the lucrative features of Hellcase.com is a Skin Shard bonus. When you open any chest, you have a chance of getting Skin Shard as a bonus. Collect 4 shards of one skin, combine them, and get a new skin for free.

bonus drop


Hellcase values its brand, so it provides users with a few ways of getting a giveaway. First of all, if you are an active user of social networks, then you should subscribe to all Hellcase accounts in order to receive 10 entries for the site. In addition, you can connect a Premium Account, take part in Case Battle, or purchase and open a certain case type. For all these actions, you will also receive extra entries.

giveaway bonus

Event prizes

In addition to the aforementioned Case Battle, the platform also has Hellcase Upgrader. By participating in Case Battle you can increase your winnings up to 4 times. This is a kind of blackjack, where 2-4 players take part. They do not open cards but chests. At the end of the round of opening chests, the person whose chest was the most valuable receives all the skins from all the chests.

Upgrader also involves some form of gambling. You bet to be able to upgrade your skin. It happens as follows: you choose the skin you own and wish to upgrade. After that, you need to choose a skin from the Hellcase store that you want to win. The chances of winning are calculated taking into account the value of the skin selected in the inventory and the skin that the player wants to win. In case of a successful upgrade, the player receives the skin selected in the store. In case of failure, it loses its skin.

event bonus

Wheel of Fortune

In order to take part in Wheel of Fortune, you need to open chests and collect special tokens. With enough tokens, you can spin the wheel and hope for nice prizes in the form of free items, weapon skins, and more. You can spin the wheel every five minutes. This time is given to players in order to place their bet in tokens.

wheel of fortune bonus

Referral codes

Many platforms expand their user base through referral and affiliate programs, and Hellcase is no exception. The platform does not offer traditional welcome perks, but, having a promo code, you will receive a nice bonus to start the game immediately. Look for promo codes on the Internet. I spent a couple of minutes and was able to find a few, so you won’t have any problems with that.

affiliate bonus



  • An impressive collection of skins
  • Players are able to exchange and trade skins; you can exchange a cheap skin for a better one with a surcharge
  • A large number of bonuses that give a huge boost if all criteria are met
  • A multilingual site
  • No live chat; the team solves problems and responds to user requests through a ticket system
  • A limited number of games: no CSGO Crash games, Coinflip, Roulette, etc.


Hellcase summary

Licences: The site operates under the license from the Singapore e-Gaming Association
Established: No data
Platforms: Web & Mobile Responsive
Owner: Newera Frozen PTE. Limited
Live Chat: No
Payout: No data
Currencies: USD, RUB, BTC, ETH, USDT
Deposit: Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, G2A
Withdrawal: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Waxpeer, Tradit, Lootbear
Languages: EnglishChinajapaneserussianGermanyPolishBrazilPortugalTurkishSpanishFrance
Support: Email: support@hellcase.com
Ticket system


Hellcase review: The ins and outs

In general, Hellcase brings positive emotions and impressions. The site looks appealing, has a well-matched color palette and user-friendly interface. Despite a large number of clickable elements, it is difficult to get confused. The platform has 3 Premium subscription plans: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. The conditions are as follows:

Silver ($5 per month) Gold ($15 per month) Diamond ($25 per month)
Free Cases: Arsenal, Origin Arsenal, Origin, Absolution, Deadline Arsenal, Origin, Absolution, Deadline, Trophy, Bonfire
Premium giveaways: $30-40 daily $30-40 daily, $250-400 weekly $30-40 daily, $250-400 weekly,
$500-1000 monthly
Online support: Normal Priority Personal
Premium cases access: 5 cases 10 cases 10 cases

In addition to CS:GO content, the site also contains items from Dota 2. At the same time, identical rules, capabilities, and features apply to Dota as to the CS: GO part of the site.

premium levels on hellcase

Registration process

In fact, there is no registration as such. Authorization is performed using your Steam account as well as at CSGO500. So, go to Hellcase.com and give it a try. Of course, you must be of legal age to use the site.

Supported payment methods

The minimum withdrawal amount is $2. There is an exception for Bitcoin and here, the amount is limited to $25. The maximum withdrawal amount per day is limited to $500. Balances are updated every day at 1 am. As for the limit on deposits — to a regular account, you can deposit no more than $500 per day.

payments in hellcase

Security & Reliability

Hellcase has a proven track record of being a reliable platform, which is why players trust it. Data security is ensured by SSL certificates from Comodo Secure encryption algorithm. All collected data will be used on the platform itself, but can also be used by advertising services like Google Ads. For any additional questions, please contact the site via privacy@hellcase.com.

Customer care

As I mentioned above, user support is provided via tickets. That is, the user goes to a special support page and selects the type of problem they are facing. Of course, any choice can be supplemented with a message including details.

The priority of replies to user requests is set according to the type of account. But a regular account will also be able to receive an answer quickly enough. Diamond Premium accounts have the right to deal with a customer care specialist personally.



Special CSGO features at Hellcase

Hellcase was primarily created for the CS: GO fans as one of the CSGO case opening sites. That is why this game and the related services are presented on the site best of all. Case battles are a great way to get a lot of free skins. The result of the game does not depend in any way on the skills of players. It is all about luck.

Upgrade is a kind of player’s bet against the platform. You believe that the chance of a successful upgrade of your skin is higher than the difference between your skin and the one you want to get in the case of success. In general, this is pure gambling, so the chances of winning vary. Perhaps, one of the most pleasant features of Hellcase is Trade Contract.

Often, the inventory is filled with absolutely unnecessary skins, 5-6 copies of each, while valuable ones remain unavailable. Does it sound familiar? Hellcase gives its users the ability to exchange unnecessary skins for more valuable items. This can be done on a relevant page. You can add from 3 to 10 skins to the contract, the total value of which will correspond to the skin you receive in the end.

hellcase overview

FAQ about Hellcase

1. How does Hellcase work?

Hellcase.com is an online platform for trading and exchanging skins. This site works as an online store but has many additional functions, features, games, and gambling opportunities.

2. How to deposit skins on Hellcase?

Unfortunately, you cannot deposit with skins.

3. Where to check how many CSGO cases I have opened?

You can check this in your personal account. The number of open cases will be indicated on the left, under the avatar.

4. How to get free CS GO cases?

You can get free cases as part of the Daily Free program. To do this, you will need to comply with the conditions, which I mentioned above in a dedicated section. An easier way is to purchase a subscription to a premium account.

5. How to get skins from Hellcase to Steam?

All of your skins will be automatically added to your inventory. You can get a link to Steam Community. Clicking on it, any platform user can see the skins available. This link can be obtained in one click from your personal account.

6. Is Hellcase legit?

Absolutely. The platform has an official status of a legal entity and is subject to the oversight of the Singapore regulator.

7. How to sell CSGO cases?

You cannot sell your cases on the platform.

Players’ feedback on Hellcase


“This site is the best! I deposited 5 dollars and got 15 dollars but the skin wasn’t in stock. They had many possibilities such as, getting another skin for the same price, delayed withdrawal with Shadowpay, or withdraw it to money. The case battle looks legit as well because I won 21/40. This site is 100% not a scam and they have really good support as well!” – Dániel Erdő

“Won $108 pair of gloves from $1.20 case battle. I did a case battle with the battle case which cost $0.60 and the rebel case which cost $0.20, in total cost $1.20 and I won gloves from the battle case worth $108 USD. This is a very good site and is not a scam as some would think.” – Yoda Fett

“Very decent and amazing site. The only complaint I can make is that their support replies are very slow” – SJIS Liew Shan Nan