Katie Wager (Isaacson)

I’m a huge fan of CSGO gambling. Today, I want to tell you about the platform that I managed to study in detail while searching for new places for iGaming experience. This is CSGO Roll, a popular CS: GO platform with lots of features, which attracts new players thanks to its generous CSGO gift and affiliate program.

In this review, I will also cover the pitfalls of the platform, what software powers it, what type of entertainment is available, how to quickly create your account, where to get CSGO Roll promo codes, and many more. Plus, at the end of the article, I will answer the most popular questions and tell you everything about money transactions at CSGORoll.com. Let’s roll!


Free Goodies at CSGORoll

Let’s start with the most pleasant thing — namely, what awaits you when you open the site for the first time. Are you hoping to receive a CS GO gift package? Unlike some other CS: GO platforms that can be found on the web, CSGORoll offers its users several options to receive prizes.

Free Boxes Every Day

CSGORoll daily free boxes

Thanks to a unique experience system that works for all registered users, you can receive free boxes every day and constantly increase their number. There is a level-up technique on the site. The first time you enter the platform, you get the first level.

However, you will receive free boxes starting from the second one. The max level is 100, so the sky’s the limit. You can increase your level by wagering coins on the platform. For example, you can achieve level 10 by wagering 288 coins.

So, when you are on the second level, you will receive your first free box. Using it, you will get a chance to win one of three things. You are most likely to win a pistol, but there is also a chance to get an assault (Famas), or a sniper rifle like AWP. Wondering what to do next? Bet CS GO skins!

3 Cases for Newbies

CSGORoll 3 free cases

In addition to free boxes, the platform also has dedicated prizes for those who came to the site for the first time. With a promotional code available, options for which can be found on the Internet, you will receive 3 free cases immediately after logging into your account.

In order to get cases, look for the green FREE BOX button on the right side of the top menu. Unfortunately, there is no chance to receive CSGORoll free coins on the platform.


CSGORoll Affiliate Perks

CSGORoll affiliates

One of the new features that I was so lucky to check after I entered a CSGORoll affiliate code was the updated affiliate program. Thanks to it, you can receive commissions from your friends’ games. The profit is calculated by the special CSGO Roll promo system. It can then be converted into CS: GO skins in one click, so this program is beneficial for all stakeholders who use code.

In addition, you get access to the Referee’s control panel, where you can receive information regarding statistics on the platform — which game was the most popular, what income you received over a certain period of time, etc.

If you suddenly find it all too confusing to use CSGO Roll codes, don’t worry. The platform provides its partners with a personal affiliate manager who will answer any questions and help you manage your program. The manager will also contact you by any convenient means and offer VIP perks and bonuses available only to you.

This program has its own level-up system, and a personal manager is accessible to partners of the 5th tier. To become an affiliate you need to create your own CSGO Roll code on the site and send it to your friends. Among other things, you also need to purchase coins. For example, 10 coins will be enough to unlock the first tier.



  • Many games to play
  • Trusted and verified security methods
  • Responsive 24\7 support
  • Good chance to get free promo codes
  • Many deposit options
  • Withdrawal is possible only in the form of CS: GO skins, no other options


Licences: Cyprus Gaming Authority
Established: 2015
Platforms: Web
Live Chat: Yes
Payout: N/A
Currencies: USD
Deposit: Bank transfer, CS:GO, Skrill, Neteller, BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, Skins
Withdrawal: Only skins
Languages: English
Support: Email: support@csgoroll.com
Live Chat


Software behind the Platform

СSGORoll worries about its reputation, that’s why the site employs the Provably fair method. This system helps generate truly random results for every roll, dice, etc. Each user can make sure that the system works well and ensures that the result is always random and honest.

Just go to the appropriate section to check the latest result for fairness. There, you will need to select the type of game and you will be provided with a sample code that you can test right in your browser, without installing the Node.JS server. Simply put: a few clicks, and you get all the proofs you need.

The Gambling Aspect of CSGORoll

In addition to the content mentioned below, at first we’d like to show users that the site offers several types of gambling games such as roulette, dice, and crash.


    Roll (Roulette)

    This classic game offers players to choose between red, black, or, an analog to zero — green sectors. The multiplier for red and black is x2, that is, by betting 10 coins you can win 20. The green sector gives x14 multiplication. The maximum bet size is 100,000 coins. All bets and their results can be observed live in the menu under the CSGO Roulette wheel.



    By playing a CSGO dice game, players can wager up to 1,000,000 coins. In front of the players, there is a graph where it is necessary to choose a value from 1 to 94. The lower the value the player chooses, the lower the chance of winning, but the larger the multiplier. For example, by choosing a roll value “under 10”, the player gets a multiplier of x9.5. And by choosing a roll value “under 94”, the multiplier will be x1.01. The “roll over” system of the CS GO dice works in a similar way.



    CSGORoll crash is the community’s go-to game. In order to take part, the player must indicate not only the bet, but also the multiplier. After that, the result of the game is completely in the hands of Lady Luck. You only watch how the graph grows.

    The player is considered victorious if the graph level reaches or exceeds the multiplier specified by them. If the chart goes down before your set multiplier is reached, you will lose the crash game. It is a kind of entertainment where the odds are low. However, with a little bit of good luck, you can gather huge prizes.



A Player’s Guide to CSGORoll

This platform combines two of the most popular concepts among CS GO fans — opening boxes and iGaming. This combination is beneficial for the platform. It not only attracts new players who want to buy or win new skins but also keeps them on the platform by offering a wide choice of options to spend these skins. Thus, the player, who has purchased or won skins, is not forced to leave CSGORoll.com. They can stay and play with these skins.

The Primary Steps

In order to register an account on CSGORoll.com, you need a valid account on the Steam platform. Authorization on the site is only possible through Valve’s platform, so keep that in mind. Except for confirming information from your Steam account, no additional registration details are needed.

If you want to make a deposit, look for the green button next to your profile icon in the upper right corner. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the deposit page. Select the number of coins that you want to purchase and the deposit method that suits you. You can find all the available methods in this article in the Summary section.
csgoroll payments

There are no visible restrictions for the deposit on the platform. However, problems can arise on the side of your Steam account. Remember that Steam imposes a 7-day block on the skin. You can trade it only after this period is over. Also, make sure that your Steam account is public and that the Trade URL is specified correctly.

As for the withdrawal, CSGORoll, unfortunately, doesn’t leave much choice to its users. You can clean out your winnings only in the form of CS: GO skins. On the other hand, skin withdrawals happen near-instantly. Some, however, remain trade-shut, but the system itself is designed in such a way that users will not have any problems as they know about it in advance. In general, you can withdraw stock skins instantly or within 7 days max. For other skins, you will have to wait up to 30 days.

Use Coins to Open Boxes

In order to open cases on the CSGO website, go to the corresponding page by clicking on the Unboxing tab at the top of the page. Here, you will see boxes under several tabs: new, hot, featured, etc.

To unblock the box, click on it and you will receive full information regarding what it may contain. After that, click the green Open button. You can open the box in a normal or accelerated mode for an additional fee.

csgoroll unboxing

P2P Trades

To exchange skins with other players, you need to click the Withdraw button and select the P2P column (it will be the first in the list). After that, again make sure that your Steam account is public and that the Trade URL is specified correctly. Next, choose the skin and the price that suits you and make an exchange.

csgoroll p2p

A Word of Warning

No communication with players is provided during the P2P exchange. The platform automates this process and takes on all the risks. Therefore, you do not need to worry about scammers. Keep your eyes open though, since the price indicated by the players may not always be adequate. Fortunately, the platform always provides the correct price if you hover over the coin icon so that you can understand if they are trying to cheat. And don’t trust too much what other players are writing in the chat.

Security & Reliability

CS:GO Roll administrators are well aware of how important the issue of security is for platform visitors. The site owners have taken a number of measures to ensure the maximum safety of the users.

In general, CSGORoll, as well as its partners CSGOPolygon and Gamdom, collects all the same information about its users as any other platform, including name, address, payment details, etc. This information is used only for the purpose of providing the service to the users and nothing more. You can find more details regarding the Privacy Policy in the corresponding section of the site.

In addition, the platform follows the Provably Fair procedures. This ensures the honesty of games on the site. Any user can personally check every game algorithm for fairness in the shortest possible time, without having any technical skills.

Finally, CSGORoll is compliant with the AML (Anti-Money-Laundering) rules. In this regard, the site strictly adheres to the KYC (Know Your Customer) policy, which requires all visitors wishing to play to provide their documents for confirmation. There’s an additional level of protection in the form of a requirement to confirm the customer’s address (Proof of Address).

Other Essential Features

Another feature of CSGORoll.com is that it pays much attention to the social aspect of the platform. Site administrators are well aware of how important it is in the modern digital space to appropriately promote the brand on social networks. That is why you can find CSGORoll pages on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.

Also, the company understands that the pace of modern web services is high. It obliges business owners to provide fast and comprehensive support to their users. Therefore, I tried both the live chat and the mail support of the platform and was extremely pleased with how quickly I got an answer to my questions.
Now, let’s briefly review some frequently asked questions.




1. What is CSGORoll?

CSGORoll is a modern online platform for buying and trading CSGO skins and boxes. It also includes an iGaming segment in the form of classic roulette and dice.

2. Is CSGORoll real money playing possible?

The players use real money on the platform to purchase special coins, which can be used to buy boxes or play games. However, CSGORoll withdraw rules don’t allow you to take away real money from the platform, only skins.

3. Where to get a CSGORoll code?

CSGORoll free coins code can be found on the Internet, there are lots of them. Some of them are no longer valid, and some can still be used. Google the relevant request (something like “csgoroll promo codes 2021”) and look for the most recent publications.

4. Is CSGORoll legit?

Absolutely. I personally checked it. The platform operates under the license of the Cyprus regulator and meets all modern security requirements, including the Provably Fair and AML policies.

5. Can I refund?

No, you can only purchase skins for real money and withdraw them from the platform. CSGO cashout is possible only in that form.

6. What’s Triple Green Jackpot?

This is an additional chance for gamblers to hit a jackpot by playing roulette. Its essence is as follows: 0.66666% of all bets from each round are added to the Jackpot. The jackpot is drawn at the moment when the green sector on the roulette wheel appears three times in a row. The jackpot is divided between those people who made a bet on the green sector exactly for the last (third) time. The money is calculated in proportion to the bet made.

What Players Say about CSGORoll?


“Pretty good gambling site. Probably my favorite gambling site. All you need is some luck and money …” – Nexkrieg

“Pretty good I guess. Seems safe, cool giveaways” – GreennJello

“Best gambling app I’ve been on for csgo. Very friendly community a lot of help and very fun to be on. If you love gambling this is probably the best website you could use” – It’s renji

“The site has a great design,its provably fair and their withdraw page is full of nice skins. 100% worth to check out.” – Fiyah