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There are, perhaps, no active Internet users that have not heard about CSGO. This game is legendary and extremely popular. However, if you want to succeed, you need skins, and they can be expensive. What if I told you that there is a better way to get them than just buying? You can win them!

CSGO Polygon, csgopolygon.com, is one of the oldest sites of its kind. It has been popular since 2015. The site offers various interesting bonus coupons and features, and today I want to describe them in this review. I included information on the games, withdrawals, and many other aspects that are important for all players.


CSGOPolygon Coupon Code and Promo Code

To start with, let me tell you about the CSGO gambling site different promos and coupon codes that the site can offer. I believe that you will not be disappointed with the offers.

Get a “WAGERCOM” Discount Code

You can get a coupon for 1K free coins if you enter the bonus code in the CSGOPolygon redeem code window. If you are a new user, it will be even more helpful as you will be able to try all games the site provides. It is a good offer, and all details about bonus codes can be found on the CSGOPolygon site.

Affiliate Bonus

If you want to earn even more coins, CS GO Polygon has an affiliate system. It allows you to earn bonuses for inviting your friends and fellow players to the site. To enjoy these bonus codes for CSGOPolygon, you need to log in with the existing account credentials at Steam.

Those who are already using the site can create a promo code and invite others to gamble. Several terms and conditions should be met. For example, the exact amount of coins you will receive depends on what you have in your inventory and your experience level. However, the CSGOPolygon affiliate code bonus “WAGERCOM” is definitely worth it as you can receive 2K coins!

Also, with the referral system, you get extra money when people you have invited place bets. The site has different affiliate levels, so you will get even more free coins when you invite more users. There are nine levels, ranging from Bronze to Diamond, so it is definitely worth inviting more players to the Polygon CSGO site.



  • It is one of the oldest sites of such type, operating since 2015
  • There are chat rooms available in four languages (English, Russian, Polish, Turkish)
  • Lavish affiliate system with levels and extra CSGO Polygon promo codes
  • Easy registration with Steam account
  • Live chats lack moderation
  • To unlock cashing out, you need to bet x3 of the amount you have received
  • Lacks system language variety — only English and Russian available
  • Many CSGOPolygon scam promo codes out there

Summary Info about CSGOPolygon

Licences: N/A
Established: 2015
Platforms: Web
Live Chat: Yes (English, Russian, Turkish, Polish)
Payout: N/A
Currencies: RUB, USD, EUR, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH
Deposit: Visa, Mastercard, WebMoney, YandexMoney, Qiwi, P2P, BCH, BTC, LTC, ETH
Withdrawal: Visa, Mastercard, YandexMoney, Qiwi, P2P, BCH, BTC, LTC, ETH
Languages: Englishrussian
Support: Email: support@csgopolygon.com


CSGOPolygon Games and News

On the website, you can play different games. These include roulette, dice, competitions, match betting, coin flip, crash. Let me focus on them.


    Coin Flip

    A CSGO coin flip is a very simple game. Once you launch a game, you have to perform the following actions: pick a side, place a wager, and after your opponent connects, you either succeed or fail. There are 2% fees levied.



    This is a popular casino game that you can also enjoy on CSGOPolygon. First, make a wager. Then choose a range of numbers and see the odds. When you click the “play” button, the system will randomly choose a number. If it is within the range you set, your winnings will go up thanks to the odds you have seen. 2% fees apply.



    In the csgo crash game, your primary goal is to hit the best possible odds. Before you start playing, you need to make a wager, and then the odds start to grow. Even though they can grow infinitely, the game may end abruptly, at any time. Obviously, you are unable to predict it — instead, decide when it is best to cash out. Also, there are no fees for Crash on the website.



    In this mode, you can choose the team that you think will win and place a bet on it. It is similar to betting on sports, and if the team you have selected wins, your stake is increased by the odds. 5% fees apply to this game.



    CSGOPolygon can also offer you a classic casino game. Pick black or red to double your bet, or take a risk and bet on green (0). If you win, your money will be multiplied by 14, which is quite impressive. There are also no fees for this online game on the website.


    Wagering on Matches

    If you are a fan of CSGO official matches, you can also earn from them. Betting on them can be really profitable if you know all the aspects and secrets. Use CS GO Polygon to get coins for your knowledge. There are 2% fees for such bets.

Win CSGOPolygon Jackpot

Many people bet on roulette, and part of the coins they use is added to the jackpot pool. When someone wins the jackpot, 70% of it is split between users whose bets won. The sum is split in accordance with the bet amount. 30% of the jackpot that is left is divided between players who lost. Thus, you can occasionally get free coins even if you lose a round.
csgopolygon jackpot



A Complete Overview of CSGOPolygon

CSGOPolygon offers you an opportunity to get skins. People who have them can trade them for the site’s coins, and others can win them playing various games. The system is pretty simple yet fun. You can choose to play different casino-like games, including dice and roulette. You can also place your bet on the competition. Bet, earn coins and CSGO Polygon codes, withdraw skins, or do the opposite and donate them — this is a service for everyone.

CSGOPolygon: Software + UI/UX

Players used to complain about the design of the site, but as for 2020, it is pretty stylish. The combination of black and orange is comfortable to look at. Also, there are no unnecessary buttons and pages, so you will not get lost. The site is powered by Steam. So, to smoothly use Polygon Steam credentials are needed.

Unless you have signed in, you cannot see all the features. However, you can still check the terms of the service and decide whether you want to play on CSGO Polygon.

Terms and Conditions for CSGO Players

When you decide to start playing on the website, you need to agree to the terms and conditions that apply to players. They include different aspects. For example, you are prohibited to use multiple accounts or provide your account to other people. Also, there is an anti-trade system enabled on CS GO Polygon, but I will talk about it later.

How to enter CSGOPolygon?

You will see the sign-in button right after loading the main page. In such CAGO sites like CSGO Polygon, Thunderpick or CSGORoll, it is best to log in with your account credentials at Steam, so your inventory will be connected directly, and it will facilitate your participation in the affiliate system. However, you can create an account using email and make up a password.

Types and Process of Deposit & Withdrawal

You can use both fiat and cryptocurrencies to play on CSGO Polygon. To deposit, use skins, BTC, LTC, ETH, BCH, or opt for traditional methods like Visa, Mastercard, or different online wallets. The same can be done when you want to withdraw funds or skins.
csgopolygon deposit

The user who owns skins can get coins from exchanging them with other players. There is a P2P trading mechanism. If you want to earn coins from your items, you will get them after the exchange with the person who wants something from your inventory.
csgopolygon withdrawal

Coins Value + Discounts

As already mentioned, coins are the native currency of CSGO Polygon. $1 is over 1K coins on the platform. There are also discounts on items depending on their worth, so the system can regulate itself. Some items, especially cheap ones, may not be accepted, as well as the items that become very popular. You can find the full info in the FAQ section.
csgopolygon coins cost

Security Measures

Many sites do not treat online security seriously and are ready to manipulate user data. It is not the case with CS GO Polygon. CSGO Polygon is strict when it comes to having multiple accounts. If the user decides to get more free money and violate the rules by creating more than one profile, they will be banned in no time. The site has an anti-trade system that protects others from people who are not keen to play but just want to earn and withdraw coins.

Is CSGOPolygon Provably Fair?

Yes, it is. So it is safe for people to transfer money to it and play. When betting, you do not need to worry about cheating as CS GO Polygon allows you to check the fairness of the process. The CSGOPolygon script code you can execute to check the process yourself is on the FAQ page of the website. Mind that there’s no “CSGOPolygon predictor” or “CSGOPolygon prediction script”, so cheating is impossible.
csgopolygon provably fair

Strong CSGOPolygon Support

Anytime you need support, refer to the “Contact Us” page to get help. There are email addresses that you can use to write to the team. Also, you can get support on the website, using the online form. Ask your question about CSGO Polygon, indicate the language, and the team will contact you as quickly as possible.



The Most Urging FAQs

1. Is CSGOPolygon legit?

Yes, you should not worry about it. The site has been operating since 2015, and new people constantly use it, so it is a safe place to play, win skins, and use CSGOPolygon codes.

2. Is the CSGOPolygon referral program truly profitable?

Sure! The more people you invite, the bigger bonus you get. This is because of the level system, where the user of the top level can get a handsome profit. Just play fairly and do not try to use several accounts as you may be banned.

3. What is the CSGOPolygon anti-trade system?

This feature prevents users from trying to get free money from skins. If you want to sell them, you need to “activate” the coins you have received, which means using them when playing CSGOPolygon games. A user will need to place bets that equal ¾x of their deposit.

What CSGO Sites Users Say About CSGOPolygon?


“It is the best site for those who love CSGO and want new skins. Everything is fair and fun.”

“The variety of games is cool. There are many similar sites, but I am totally okay with CS GO Polygon”

“I spent some time trying to understand the affiliate program, but then I started to enjoy its benefits. It is easy to contact the team and get help, if necessary”