The Fate Of The Greatest Lottery Winners

It is difficult to tell if winning the lottery is phenomenal luck, or rather, a curse… regardless; one’s life is forever changed, for good, or for bad. Here we have the following the testimonies of the people that were blessed (or damned) with the largest lottery jackpots ever, and what they did with all of their winnings.

Just ask yourself: Do I Understand What Big Lottery Winning Actually Is?

We cannot overlook how strikingly lotteries entered our lives. Most people can name a friend that gambles daily in pursuit of a jackpot, it could even be you. A lot of problems can be solved by money; a large sum can be lifesaving. For those more scrupulous and strategic among us, a lottery winning can be put to perfect use. However, a sudden inheritance of titanic proportions can lead to chaos. Just take a look at the following 9 people’s experiences.

Mark Brudenell: The Richest Chemical Tanker Driver In The World

Prize: £916,000
When: 1997
Result: Mansion, couple expensive cars and new happy life

Mark currently resides in the opulent Stockton-on-Teas, sharing a massive estate alongside his beloved wife Cheryl. Leading up towards his phenomenal luck, Mark drove chemical tankers, while Cheryl managed a modest bakery. A few years after they struck gold, the duo successfully set up their personal double-glazing industry, which has now been prominent for thirteen successful years, which is maintained by a staff of ten people.

We used a majority of our winnings to set up our business; however we also bought ourselves a great home as well as a some lovely cars – a Range Rover Sport and an Audi A5. Winning the lottery set us up for life and has given us options we would never have had.

While most of the money went towards establishing their business, Mark described how winning the lottery afforded them a luxurious and freed lifestyle. They live in a lovely home, and are in possession of two luxury automobiles. He stands by the tremendous benefits that landing the winning numbers has brought him and his family.

David Lee Edwards: Awful Life after the Winning

Prize: $27,000,000
When: 2001
Result: Lost all money in a few years and ended up without a penny

Unemployed David was living in South Florida when he snagged the statistical anomaly of gaining the $27 million grand prize back in 2001. He then believed that the times spent abusing substances and committing petty felonies would improve. The money quickly disappeared through a series of unwise business ventures, such as obtaining a fiber optics company he had no inkling as to how to run, as well as a limo service. Other unrestrained materialism included purchasing a massive private jet, a $1.6 million mansion in the fabulous Palm Beach Gardens, a total of three pedigree racehorses, not forgetting his costly Lamborghini Diablo.

I want this money to last, for me, for my future wife, for my daughter and future generations.

It wasn’t long before David and his partner returned to drug abuse, having several encounters with police for carrying a large and deadly variety of narcotics, such as crack, pills, cocaine, and heroin. He has since returned to living in squalor, existing inside of a container where living among human feces is the norm.

Jeffrey Dampier: Sister In Law Wanted His Money More Than He Did

Prize: $20,000,000
When: 1996
Result: murdered by his sister

Jeffrey Dampier could have never guessed that his own family would turn against him upon winning $20 million. Despite showering his family members with cash and gifts, his sister-in-law, Victoria Jackson, felt it wasn’t enough.

I don’t play the lottery at all. I don’t touch it because I’m afraid if I win it I would sit down and cry.

Around 7 years following the big win, Victoria and her boyfriend decided to kidnap and subsequently execute Jackson by shooting him in the back of the head. The couple is currently each serving life sentences after both being charged with murder.

Roy Gibney: Lucky Sheet Metal Worker

Prize: £7,500,000
When: 1998
Result: Got a favorite car and builds a house for his son

Gibney was once a humble laborer prior to winning the most massively imaginable British Lotto prize. Following his grand prize win, he has constructed a luxurious estate with six bedrooms, a small gambling room, and numerous other opulent features such as small forest and a summerhouse. Roy’s equestrian enthusiasm led him to begin purchasing and selling prime racehorses. More recently, Roy has settled down following opulent entertainment, becoming more of a traditional family man, taking care of his sons and daughter and being good to Darlene in Nairn, Scotland.

I got bored and went back to work.

He still enjoys his millionaire hobbies, however, such as the purchasing of a casual soccer club, and donating towards his home-club. He successfully established a metalworking company with his old friend and partner, Dave Fenwick. Roy has also done much property investment in his life, owning spots in both his hometown and Nairn, not forgetting about his luxurious Cyprian villa.

Michael Carroll: It’s Not That Hard to Spend Any Jackpot

Prize: £9,736,131
When: 2002
Result: Lives his life before winning

Carroll went on an insanely hedonistic spree following his 2002 win of $15 million. His indulgence in prostitution, drugs and partying, and material luxuries such as sports cars and flashy jewelry quickly depleted his wins.

I have absolutely no regrets.

Purchases such as villa in Spain, largely contributed to his financial downfall. He also had a penchant for more boorish sport, such as purchasing a fleet of demolition-derby cars that were in need of constant replacement. He was subsequently jailed in 2006 following a violent dispute, and received an even heftier sentence upon being convicted of drug possession. He has since returned to his previous standard of living, albeit not a nice one.

William “Bud” Post III: His Own Brother Was a Rat

Prize: $16,200,000
When: 1988
Result: Died with $1m debt

In just two weeks following his win of $16.2 million, William “Bud” Post had already blown $300,000 on things like a plane, which he did not even have a license for. In just one year he was $1 million in debt and was forced to declare bankruptcy.

Everybody dreams of winning money, but nobody realizes the nightmares that come out of the woodwork, or the problems…

This was just the beginning of a nightmarish series of events, including his own brother’s arrest, who attempted to take him out by hiring a hitman. Post was also jailed when he fired a gun over the head of a loan shark. When questioned about his lottery winning experience, Post would generally respond with much regret, describing that it was “Totally a nightmare.” “Bud” died from various health complications in complete poverty, surviving on food stamps.

Matt Myles: Tricky Traveller

Prize: £1,000,000
When: 2014
Result: Happily living with a beloved family

Matt Myles embarked on a sensational whirlwind tour around the globe almost 48 hours after he discovered the winning numbers were in his hands. In under two days, he abandoned his factory job, gathering his friends and family before setting off. His destinations included Indonesia, Brazil, Italy, Ibiza, among many other destinations throughout his constant tourism.

I’ve even been punched in the face by a monkey. So I’ve been living the dream. Most incredibly, I’m still a millionaire.

He eventually established a land purchasing venture with his brother, Pete. Myles has reaped infinite joy as a result of netting the jackpot, and loves to treat the special people in his life.

Billie (Bob) Harrell Jr: Committed Suicide after Getting a Scoop

Prize: $31,000,000
When: 1997
Result: Committed suicide

It only took Bob Harrell less than two years to lose the entirety of his monstrous $31 million lottery jackpot. This tremendous loss was due to his phenomenal donations to various charities and others less fortunate than him, as well as sizeable loans to close friends and family.

Winning the lottery is the worst thing that ever happened to me.

He quickly found himself destitute and alone, his wife having left him. He was found dead in his home in 1999, having shot himself in the head. Bob described winning the lottery as being the worst possible experience of his life, which is an unquestionable statement when you look at how his life turned out because of it.

Eloise Heard: That’s Was Just Great to Treat My Family After Winning!

Prize: £1,346,840
When: 2012
Result: Happily married

Colchester-born teenager Eloise suddenly became far richer than most of the adults she knows after winning over one million pounds. Her humbleness wasn’t affected by such phenomenal win.

I didn’t check the ticket until New Year’s Day and it was not until the afternoon.

Rather than indulge in material luxuries, Eloise focused on bringing her dreams to life, such as being able to marry David and enjoy a lovely honeymoon together. She also purchased logical assets such as a house and car, as well as funding the creation of her own roving cosmetics service, as well as David’s internet kid’s entertainment shop. She also heavily enjoyed the opportunity to spoil her family members, however, she has ensured that her money is continually invested wisely.

Even The Greatest Lottery Winning Is Not Everything

From the stories in this list, we can now see that winning the lottery does not bring happiness, in fact, it can easily bring the opposite. Winning the jackpot can hardly mean eternal financial security, as out of bounds spending results in bankruptcy and destitution. Gaming is something that must be taken seriously, a failure to do so losing everything in your possession. Ultimately, it all comes down to individual character – how a person handles sudden and often overwhelming wealth.