Top 20 Gambling ICO Projects Based on Blockchain

When it comes to blockchain gambling or blockchain-based casinos like Bitcoin gambling sites, there is no shortage of ICO projects to attribute to the cause. There are dozens of them, but here we will provide information on the largest ones out there. Each of these ventures are created and maintained on platforms such as Bitcoin, Waves, or Ethereum and they all have a different key to solving issues in the gambling business. While it is easy to think that online gambling is impossible to fix, these new concepts and ideas make their visions a reality with blockchain technology.

But why blockchain? The basis of this modern science is rooted in a few ideals which the gambling industry finds preferable. For one, the anonymous nature of a public ledger provides security with both funds and identity; no longer are players forced to give up their private information to globally pursue risk-based activities. It is all contained within the blockchain.

Other benefits, such as quick payments, are readily noticeable. But the less-known perks include incentives such as no taxation on cryptocurrency transactions. With a decentralized currency and distributed ledger, the gambling industry paves the way for honest, fair, and protected services that previously were difficult or impossible.


funfair gambling projectFunFair was designed to create a leaner and more efficient casino operator. The proposed use of FUN tokens as a singular currency across the gaming industry would serve to cut costs for both operators and players. The technology would also benefit game developers and their affiliates because their games would reach a wider audience. FunFair was unveiled to the public in 2017 by founder Jez San and has gained a following in recent months.

The foremost problem to be tackled is security. Players are often not comfortable playing on a casino that could be untrustworthy or wiring their money over an unsecure network. With an Ethereum-based approach, Funfair guarantees secure transactions and data protection with a serverless design. This means that hacking is a virtual impossibility.

Along those lines, the token currency provides a speedy, power-efficient method of transactions with minimal delays. Because FunFair and blockchain want to enable speed in the community, the token allows for a turnkey solution to operating and managing an online casino.

With this all-in-one solution, budding companies can begin their business quickly and gain a player base as soon as possible. Above all, the FunFair software’s goal is to ensure a transparent experience between customer and operator. By using a decentralized platform and smart contract technology, the token can secure fairness in an industry plagued with distrust.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$236,944,530 USD Ethereum $26 Million USD + 41.10% 10,999,873,621 FUN



edgeless gambling projectEdgeless is an application which attempts to solve the issue of, as the name suggests, the house edge in gambling. After the ICO which raised over 47k ETH in 2017, the casino received its operating license and released a working product the following year. Working with a team led by Chief Technology Officer Ignas Mangevicius, Edgeless hopes to make the gambling universe a more level playing field.

The goal of Edgeless is to eliminate the house edge casinos have, which can range from 1-15% depending on the game. That’s not all: the decentralized system promises to slash fees as well. So, what’s most important for Edgeless? Transparency.

Because the gambling software is built on an Ethereum-run smart contract, every single person can view the internal components which fuel the casino. Aside from this, the EDG token assures an unheard-of claim: 0% favoritism for the operator. That is, provided all games of skill and luck are played optimally, the playing field is even for both players and the establishment.

While this sounds good, what’s even better is instant deposits and withdrawals. No bank fees. No hidden charges. Normal payment methods hold your winnings for days before releasing them. Not with Edgeless; the power is in your hands.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$50,561,277 USD Ethereum $2 Million USD – 4.0% 132,046,997 EDG



mobilego gambling projectMobileGo is dedicated to the online video gaming community. It promises three separate products: a virtual content marketplace, a gamer-to-gamer match play function, and mobile tournaments for E-sports. Each of these is based on a blockchain and MobileGo token. The company known as GameCredits Inc. was created in 2016 in Serbia.

The first problem MobileGo attempts to solve is the issue of scamming in the virtual marketplace for games. Consider purchasing virtual in-game items from another player. With MobileGo and GameCredits’ store, players will be able to purchase items in a safe environment with secure transactions. This model also incentivizes game developers by reducing fees paid to the Apple Store and Google Play by up to 66%.

The second issue tackled by the token is peer-to-peer matches that include betting. Because gamers are competitive by nature and want to wager on their results of a game, MobileGo tokens would allow an unbiased approach to facilitating those bets. This gives the players the power to spend currency on their perceived skill.

Finally, the industry is largely untapped for mobile-exclusive games, but that could be fixed with MGO tokens enabling players to set up tournaments, prizes, and other rewards with the currency. This would open up the opportunity for advertisers, streaming services, and a host of other profitable industries.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$42,813,524 USD Ethereum $53 Million USD +1.05% 100,000,000 MGO



casinocoin gambling projectCasinoCoin was created to work within the spectrum of a monitored and regulated online gaming industry to promote fairness and security in games. The coin was designed in September 2017 by the CasinoCoin Foundation and is advised by industry leaders such as Jeffrey Haas of DraftKings and David Sargeant of iGaming Ideas.

CasinoCoin utilizes the advanced Ripple blockchain technology to maximize the consumer and operator experience with the cryptocurrency. The coin promises a transparent, secure, and seamless experience. But, mostly, the token operates with regulators as a priority. By working with these agencies, the coin can solve the problems of slow transactions and lengthy registration processes. These current realities would be replaced by smart contracts with KYC functionality.

Additionally, CasinoCoin can easily mesh with existing gambling platforms to reduce payment fees for operators, which is a huge incentive for businesses. Additionally, this money-transferring system would be equipped with the most up-to-date anti-money laundering technology to detect and prevent such occurrences which are rampant in the online gambling space today.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$42,009,010 USD Ripple None +17.35% 39,999,999,905 CSC



wagerr gambling projectWagerr is a token that advertises itself as the sportsbook for the future. Ran by CEO David Mah, the company designed the coin to be a deflationary currency that increases in value the more it is used. Additionally, the blockchain-based network would reduce fees across the board and work on any mobile device or platform.

Wagerr offers to solve the quintessential problem with sports betting: the risk taken by sports bettors. Traditional betting has the pitfalls of bookie manipulation, identity exploitation, and regulation interference. With Wagerr, there are no more worries of scamming bookkeepers. With smart contracts, identity crises are no longer an issue either.

The most interesting prospect the coin suggest is the steady increase in value of the coin. The more Wagerr is used, the more of the coin is eliminated from the blockchain altogether. This means that there is less supply, which drives up demand and price consistently over time. This effectively solves the problem of an inflationary currency.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$53,409,465 USD Ethereum $10 Million USD +40.23% 198,360,471 WGR


Unikoin Gold

unikoin gambling projectUnikoin Gold is the cryptocurrency of the E-sports industry. With a decentralized approach to betting, Unikoin was created in November 2014 as a full-fledged wagering system for lovers of E-sports to risk their money. While the bookmaker was not originally created with crypto in mind, the company hopped on the opportunity to include blockchain in their newest user experience.

Unikoin empowers users to compete in several skill-based competitions. By engaging in a smart contract, players can use peer-to-peer betting, tournament-style wagering, or even participate in a winner-takes-all format. Overall, Unikoin Gold is filling the void of the E-sports sportsbook with access to services that currently have little to no representation in the market.
Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$40,295,168 USD Ethereum $29,436,000 USD +79.19% 1,000,000,000 UKG



peerplays gambling projectPeerplays was established as a decentralized entity through and through since mid-2017. One company does not own the blockchain. In fact, a series of groups and single users share Peerplays. Such a concept eliminates the possibility of a 51% attack on the chain. The token itself specializes in blockchain crypto casinos; there are no centralized betting agencies involved.

Often sighted as the largest problems in online gambling are the transparency of gaming sites, fees, and the singular control of a gaming server. Peerplays knocks these issues to the wayside by creating an open-source, reliable, and provably fair token system. Every aspect of the coin is auditable to the public.

The blockchain boasts a massive computational power of over 10,000 transactions every single second with only on-chain fees being mandatory. With Peerplays, there are no third-party operators involved. Because trust is intrinsically involved with the basic technology, there are no qualms with security and money is now under the control of the individual rather than the financial sector.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$22,379,357 USD DAO $500,000 USD +20.71% 5,525,132 PPY



firstblood gambling projectSupporting the most modern games such as Dota 2 and CS:GO, FirstBlood is a digital decentralized currency that puts gamers in the driver’s seat. The token enables users to keep control of their funds while challenging players to tournaments, head-to-head matches, or other risk-based endeavors. FirstBlood aims to be the E-sports currency of the future with real rewards for the best of the best.

The core issue with existing solutions for gaming and E-sports platforms is that they are centralized. This makes them extremely vulnerable to hackers and DDoS attacks. FirstBlood uses the blockchain to its full potential by automating aspects of the peer-to-peer betting system. The individual has control of their own money and it creates a global platform where anyone can earn and win rewards through gaming skill.

Smart contracts ensure an anonymous approach through KYC technology. Blockchain-based payment methods tie FirstBlood together with lightning-speed transactions and low fees.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$31,783,480 USD Ethereum $5.5 million +105% 93,468,691 1ST



funfair gambling projectFantasy sports’ popularity has surged in recent years, and so has betting on them. Huge sites such as DraftKings take a big slice of the pie when it comes to fantasy sports. NoLimitCoin is separated into the cryptocurrency (NLC2) and the betting interface known as cryptofantasysports. Combined, these two subjects aim to dethrone the highly centralized market of fantasy sports.

The issues currently facing the fantasy sports gambling genre are insanely high fees, slow money transfers, and timely verification processes. Not only that, but certain companies have great influence over the market and control great swaths of territory in the gambling sphere. This means that they control the action and your money.

NoLimitCoin attempts to solve these issues by lowering the fees by greater than 50%. By using the blockchain, fees from banks, credit cards, and currency transfers will evaporate, allowing for that savings to be passed on to the user. Additionally, transactions on the NoLimitCoin blockchain take only a minute to verify.

Ultimately, NoLimitCoin’s mission is to ensure the provably fair play on no limit fantasy sports. Therefore, computer-generated teams are banned by limiting the entries one address can submit per pool depending on size. No single company will control the market, either, as this is a decentralized approach. Along with this, the blockchain of NLC2 is a Proof of Stake token.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$15,303,981 USD NLC2 None -18.47% 205,603,330 NLC2



decentbet gambling projectDecentBet is a unique platform that allows users to participate in a profit-sharing program where all tokens are redistributed at the end of each quarter. This ensures that the shareholders profit equally instead of the big wigs. The token was created in 2017 by Jedidiah Taylor, CEO and Founder.

DecentBet aims to solve two cores issues. The first problem is with the online gambling platforms currently in use today which flow all their profits to a select few. This model is in serious risk of being outpaced by technology. DBET aims to solve this issue by generating an Ethereum blockchain model that uses a unique DBET token to use for gambling and a profit-sharing program.

The second issue is with transparency, fairness, and fees in the current online casino world. By using DBET’s verifiable code and smart contracts, players will pay significantly lower fees and have access to auditable records always.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$13,275,806 USD Ethereum 15 Million USD +13.62% 177,976,898 DBET



coinpoker gambling projectGone are the days of weary-eyed teenagers sitting in front of their computers playing poker all night. CoinPoker hopes to get people back in the spirit of gambling with a new accessible, private, secure, and fair system for poker players with a new cryptocurrency dedicated to poker and poker only. The ICO ended in January, 2018, selling out in just two days.

CoinPoker’s aim is to rekindle that flame for online poker by getting past the regulations, being a transparent and fair system, and lowering fees. By creating the unique CHP (chips) cryptocurrency, players can initiate poker games with anyone around the world. Benefits are all included in the Ethereum blockchain: instant deposits, speedy withdrawals, and super low fees.

With verifiable structures and smart contracts implemented into the CoinPoker technology, each user can be sure no shady business is going on. And the best part? There are no country restrictions for this one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency. It’s all about bringing the game back to the player.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$11,311,376 USD Ethereum 237,500,000 tokens -9.81% 354,786,435 CHP



etheroll gambling projectIf you’ve ever wanted to roll the dice and bet your cryptocurrency, Etheroll is the place for you. The concept is extremely simple: select your odds, roll a d100, and win or lose! Additionally, users can bet on the house by using DICE tokens and receive payouts according to the total amounts of win/losses.

Etheroll is a unique prospect. It doesn’t attempt to change anything about an existing gambling institution or solution. Instead, it formulates its own method of generating passive income based on a generously low 1% house edge for token holders. The average player selects their odds and bets in ETH. Whatever profits the dice rolling machine generates is distributed equally amongst DICE token holders.

While DICE holders can lose, they are statistically likely to earn 1% of their earnings back. The advantages of such a barebones program is that there are no sign ups or deposits. The code is open-source and all historical bets are stored in the blockchain. This means that tampering with the evidence is impossible and all is fair in the game of chance.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$13,519,993 USD Ethereum $363,497 USD +87.23% 7,001,622 DICE



chips gambling projectCHIPS is a token exclusively for Bitpoker. CEO Dmitri Motorov recently created the platform to be the future of cryptocurrency gambling. Users can play rake-free games using this token and experience low fees, transaction times, and enjoy a more transparent environment than traditional casinos.

Based on the Bitcoin blockchain, CHIPS use the Lightning Network to ensure quick microtransactions on the Bitpoker network. The major problem with traditional online gambling houses is that they demand deposits and that withdrawals take days to process. With a Bitcoin-centric approach, fees are minimal and transaction times are very fast. The platform is set to be adopted by other Bitcoin casinos USA (or other country) who wish to use this model to ensure anonymity in a secure, fast transaction environment.
Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$8,580,682 USD Bitcoin None +14.66% 21,000,000 CHIPS



ethorse gambling projectThe premise is a bit different than the rest on this list. It’s not about E-sports or sportsbooks or online casinos. Ethorse is about betting on the price movement of a cryptocurrency. If the “horse” you bet on is the winner, you win ETH compared to how many bets were against you. Created in 2017.

The HORSE token is a universal solution for investing in cryptocurrency regardless of if the market is in an uptrend or a downward spiral. Because the token allows a transparent, open-source gaze into what is happening behind the scenes, users can make bets worry-free.

No person controls the race or the payouts; it is all determined by a fair algorithm and payouts are done via the blockchain and claimed through Metamask. There are no bookie charges or other potentially hazardous elements.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$6,608,622 USD Ethereum $4,800,000 USD +14.04% 125,000,000 HORSE



bitdice gambling projectBitDice aims to be the hub for all things cryptocurrency gambling related. With provably fair games, instant payouts with various cryptocurrencies, and tons of games, what’s not to love? Established in 2014, BitDice became the first casino to publicly reveal in Costa Rica. It has been a hit ever since.

The first major problem BitDice solves is security. As we know, keeping one’s information tightly locked is of the utmost priority. In addition to being blockchain-centric, the website offers top-of-the-line email authorization, 2-factor authentication, an address lock function, and more tools to help accounts be safe.

It also solves a big issue of only accepting limited forms of payments. BitDice accept Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Plans for traditional fiat payment options are in the works.

The final issue this casino solves is that of bonuses and incentives. Not many crypto-focused gambling arenas offer level-up rewards and coin-back rewards. BitDice seems to lead the way in this department for a brighter gambling future.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$7,883,330 USD Bitcoin $8,748,793 USD -21.11% 100,000,000 CSNO



trueflip gambling projectThe TrueFlip Token (TFL) is designed to be a worldwide blockchain lottery system. It is designed to be an independent venture that ensures equal distribution of rewards across all winners based on the number of entries. Lotteries are held daily and are known as “The Biggest Jackpot on the Planet”.

TrueFlip and TFL tokens ensure a transparent game and getting the whole prize pool. According to the whitepaper, ticket sales cease at 19:00 UTC each day. The “drawing” is at 20:00 UTC and the winning numbers are generated based on the first hash occurring after 20:00. The public ledger has all this information and cannot be rigged like local lotteries.

Unlike traditional lottery games, there is no need to identify anyone, there are no restrictions, and there is a very low minimum payment floor. Oh, and because this is cryptocurrency we’re talking about, the issue of taxes is avoided altogether.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$5,853,496 USD Ethereum $8,244,292 -7.13% 8,924,667 TFL



daocasino gambling projectDAO.Casino operates with the BET coin. It combines the trustworthiness of sources including bankroll backers, game developers, contributors, referrers, and platform operators to ensure a smooth experience for all involved. It was launched by Ilya Tarutov in 2017 to become the premier trusted cryptocurrency casino on the web.

Nobody would suggest that gambling is the most honest industry out there. Common issues come in the form of payment failures, bonus fraud, account closure / seizure, and malicious fees. Luckily, DAO.Casino solves these issues by utilizing the blockchain network in combination with online gambling best practices to fix these major problems.

Firstly, there is zero risk of foul play at DAO.Casino. Random number generators are proven to be random and the games and provably fair. Players can check the stored data in the network as a record of what occurred during a game.

Bitcoin network fees being the only required fee, and they are low at that. Probably the best part about DAO.Casino is that all members cannot influence the system that is in place. Overall, everything from account management to everyday gameplay is smoother and much less risky with an Ethereum-powered product.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$4,460,778 USD Ethereum $11,200,000 USD -28% 167,270,821 BET



breakout gambling projectOwned and operated by Breakout Services, Limitada based in Costa Rica, Breakout Chain is a worldwide transaction system with little-to-no fees associated with it. It is comprised of several currencies under the title Breakout Coin (BRK), but also include BRX and SIS as coupling tokens denoted proof technology accordingly.

All three of the tokens mentioned above serve a different purpose and thus a different solution to a problem in the gaming industry. BRK is used as your standard payment method to reduce fees, ensure speedy transactions, and provide anonymity to the user. BRX designates the proof-of-stake, while SIS designates the proof-of-work. Both the latter two coins answer a significant security question within the realm of blockchain gambling houses.
Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$5,212,660 USD Breakout $4,790,000 USD +71.69% 18,809,506 BRK



vslice gambling projectOn June 13, 2016, vDice launched a token named vSlice. This token was the cryptocurrency unique to the online gambling establishment. Through use of smart contracts, it provides security, anonymity, and speed to users. vSlice works within vDice to solve a few major issues with legacy online gambling systems.

The first issue is with stability. With high-volume casinos that run day-in and day-out, it is easy for servers to become bogged down and overloaded. Blockchain technology allows vDice to run at maximum capacity for a near infinite amount of time because it can handle thousand of transactions every second. This means more uptime for games and more reliability for the website.

The second issue vDice tackles is acting as a venue for other developers to place their Dapps. With a leaner, more efficient infrastructure with vSlice, the core platform will become a trusted place for gambling Dapps. Currently, there are no reliable places for developers to unveil their unique Dapps to the public. With a flexible development cycle and cryptocurrency to back it up, vDice squashes that problem.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$3,801,141 USD Ethereum $3,000,000 USD -1.23% 33,390,496 VSL


Monster Byte Inc

monster byte gambling projectMonster Byte Inc. is the proprietor of many cryptocurrency gaming sites which offer MBI as a unique currency. These sites include Poker, Blackjack, Slots, etc. The company aims to further its influence in the blockchain-driven gambling world to both sports betting and traditional casino offerings.

Monster Byte recognizes that there are issues plaguing both operators and players. For operators, the issue is chiefly credit card fraud. Monster Byte’s solution to this issue is to implement a cryptocurrency while verifies payment and cannot be fraudulent in any way. Additionally, this eliminates fees associated with credit card companies.

For players, the issues are far broader. They range from security concerns, to lengthy withdrawals, to unfair gaming practices upheld by an institution. Having a cryptocurrency removes these concerns. Deposits and withdrawals take only the verification time denoted by the blockchain, which is a very short period. No identifying forms are required either. Additionally, with an open-source, verifiable code, users need not worry about shady practices as it can be checked by anyone at any time.

Market Cap Blockchain ICO Investments Monthly Growth Total Supply
$885,110 USD Bitcoin $1,000,000 USD -24.95% 40,000,000 MBI


Rising Stars in Gambling Blockchain Industry

Countless numbers of tokens and businesses continue to provide innovations in the blockchain gambling area. Below are a few to consider.

Billionaire Token – If you like investing, this coin is for you. The system automatically destroys some coins each week and solves the problem of inflation. This means that they become gradually more valuable over time. Stock up now!

EthBet – EthBet provides a decentralized dice game with the lowest possible house odds. It does so by being community-driven and provably fair.

Roulette Token – A unique token as it allows you to play a version of European Roulette complete with smart contracts and transparent code.