Brace Yourself for the Upcoming Gaming Congress!

Team up with more than 1,500 participants from 50 countries to discuss the recent market trends and innovations.

On October 10-11, the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, is ready to meet almost 2,000 people. This will prove the CGC’s status as the largest international gaming conference. Since the market is huge and rapidly developing, the event aims to cover all the latest technological breakthroughs, including blockchain and virtual reality. The debates on their potential in gaming will occur during the niche-specific hackathon, where the best minds will get together to brainstorm and compete for a prize pool.

This conference is said to be the only place where technology enthusiasts can discuss the video-gaming prospects with truly involved people. Thus, everyone will certainly meet like-minded individuals here. Whether you are searching for investors or promoting your own brand, you will find the right opportunity to reach your goals. People, who haven’t yet launched their own products, can derive creative inspiration from the annual best developers and projects award ceremony.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? There is more to come! If you’re a tech geek, this conference will become a matter of big interest to you. Let’s now take a look at the zones and events that await you.

CGC Pitch

One of the most attractive features of the conference is the opportunity to introduce your project to investors who are directly interested in financing projects aimed at VR, AR and AI implementation in the gaming industry. This sub-event will be held in the form of quick meetings.

CGC Awards

This is the Oscar in the gaming tech industry. The annual ceremony is held to recognize the best entrepreneurs and developers of the market. If your gaming project is powered by innovative technologies, do not hesitate to apply for participation!

CGC Showcase

The exhibition zone allows indie projects to showcase their products to entrepreneurs and mentors from around the world. Take your brainchild to a new level by establishing business partnerships with other participants and visitors of the conference.


A free networking app allows you to manage your schedule, make appointments with the right people, book meeting places, and plan your day at the conference in order to get maximum benefit.


CGC isn’t only about new opportunities for work, it is also about collaboration. Meetup events allow visitors to build useful contacts and make new acquaintances in the most relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. This year, as a part of the networking event CGC offers visitors a unique trip to the Chernobyl exclusion zone. You will be able to visit almost all places and locations shown in the already cult series – “Chernobyl”.


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